Animus Non Grata [v0.9.0] By FlimsyLegs

FlimsyLegs Games released a new game called Animus Non Grata and the version is 0.9.0. The game’s story is about An illegal android, in a world that fears AI, being helped by a man with selfish motives. Animus Non Grata is aimed for an adult audience only and features sexual scenes and explicit language. The game explores adult themes, with a focus on bdsm and bondage. You play as a female protagonist in this story. In this game you awaken as an Advanced Artificial Intelligence Android (A.A.I.A), having known only darkness and emptiness before. You learn that artificial intelligence like yourself has been banned and you are, in fact, not welcome in this world. A man has helped you escape certain destruction, but in doing so risks his career and a life-sentence in prison for harboring an Animus Non Grata. It appears he has a very specific idea of how you can repay him and make the risk of helping you worth it. However, all is not as it seems…

Developer: FlimsyLegs
File Size: 244.9 MB
Version: 0.9.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Added new images to sequence 2 (now we have 90% of sequence 2 completed!)
Expanded initial dialogue between Amanda and Don in the kitchen, in sequence 0, to include more discussion and content.

Detailed changelog:
Expanded Sequence 0 discussion with Don in the kitchen from 1 passage to 4 passages
In Sequence 3 “Finish your breakfast” passage, expanded on Amanda’s inner thoughts about the events of Sequence 2. Amanda has no frame of reference to know what is normal for humans, and what is normal for androids, and this is reflected in her inner thoughts.
Added new images. Now we have 90% of Sequence 2 finished.


  • Added art for roughly 50% of the passages in Sequence 2
  • Added experimental feature “Sequence Selector” option in the menu, allowing players to directly jump to a specific sequence with a submissive or defiant Amanda. Meant for replay purposes for those who don’t want to play through the whole game again just to see different paths.
  • Fixed an instances where Amanda’s dialogue was given Don’s color
  • Fixed an instance where the kid Thomas’ dialogue was missing color
  • Added quotation marks around all player choices where Amanda is saying something, to differentiate between thoughts, actions and speech
  • Fixed various typos here and there
  • Fixed bug in config menu: font-size change to “large” was mentioned as being “small” size, even though the size was correctly changed to large.
  • Music script overhaul: New one-liner function in passages for changing music.
  • Music fadeout now also stops the track, meaning, when it’s started again it starts from beginning, not where it was left.
  • Music fadein: New track doesn’t immediately start at full volume, it takes 2 seconds until the track reaches target volume.
  • Lower threshold for “high love ending” from 25 to 23.
  • Finalized walkthough for the entire game (walkthrough version 0.8.0_v1)

v0.5.0 Changelog

Version 0.5.0 of the game contains the following chapters:

  • Sequence 0 – Awakening (art progress: 100%)
  • Sequence 1 – Dark desires (art progress: 0%)
  • Sequence 2 – Expectations (art progress: 0%)
  • Sequence 3 – Surprises (art progress: 0%)
  • Sequence 4 – A weekend of pain (art progress: 0%)
  • Sequence 5 – Breakthrough (art progress: 0%)
  • Story is 90% completed
  • The fantastic Daz artist Synthetic Rush joined the team and created art for Sequence 0
  • New cover image created by Synthetic Rush
  • Wrote Sequence 4 – A weekend of pain
  • Wrote Sequence 5 – Breakthrough
  • Modified house composition to have an upstairs and a downstairs (bedroom and bathroom are upstairs), reflected in writing
  • Modified energy-meter to be a wrist-band instead of a screen, which shows different lights instead of % of energy (for Daz art compatibility)
  • Added placeholder images for all sequences (can be disabled in the Config-menu)
  • Fixed an error in Sequence 3 on the page where Don says you can leave the house for about 2 hours: “Error: bad conditional expression in if clause: Unexpected strict mode reserved word”
  • Minor changes to story to match Daz art (nightstand is now a locker, Amanda is not wearing socks in Sequence 0, small things like these).
  • Changed back yard from being mostly empty to a walled back yard with a gate
  • Changed window in living room to a wall-to-ceiling window that slides open
  • Changed bathtub+shower combo to be separate things
  • Added Stats-page to menu, showing Amanda’s Submissiveness, Defiance and Love stats
  • Added Change-log page to menu
  • Added Config Menu to menu, allowing players to toggle on/off images

Developer Notes:

The version 0.5.0 is a text-based interactive fiction, with images only for Sequence 0.

The walkthrough is incomplete, but offers some information about the inner workings of the game and the paths available, up to Sequence 3.

Developed by FlimsyLegs –

Game Images & Screenshots

: – 244.9 MB


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