Apocalyptic World [v0.33] By ttyrke

ttyrke Games released a new game called Apocalyptic World and the version is 0.33. The game’s story is about an Open World, RPG, and sandbox. You’ve survived the nuclear war but what at the cost? You survived it in a bunker while others adapted and lived their lives.​

Developer: ttyrke
File Size: 1.30 GB
Version: 0.33
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Hopefully fixed Octavia overwrite random NPC (Couldn’t reproduce without save BUT made changes in code)
  • With VIP slave market sometimes npc’s generated 17yo
  • Sometimes Blair could overwrite guest. (Couldn’t reproduce changed in code few places)
  • Cheatmenu: Bathhouse event trigger only available if bathhouse has been built.
  • Typos (contr. dcosmic1)
  • Slave added as companion. If you kill slave, companion list error.
  • Octavia giving medallion. Sometimes showed wrong reputation amount given
  • When capturing bounty, in guest house were added two npcs. One bounty and one of your last npc/character visited (Might maybe even be the problem why someone had Octavia’s/Blair in guesthouse too)
  • NPC info. Bald hair changed to bald head
  • MC horny meter not filling to 100%
  • On base attack, wrong guards/guests were helping.


  • Deflowerdeflower with straponmilkingno anal moved to actions (Can be modded now)
  • Increased slave market VIP room request chance from 20 to 30%
  • Shop location header moved as background image.
  • Guests and slaves who have miscarriage on street will take happiness and relationship penalty.
  • In girl tooltip (in events, etc). Added info if she’s a virgin
  • In Laura’s morning sample event added skip button.
  • Assign trans slaves to work as hookers
  • Street workers chance to die will take into account strength and not endurance
  • Woman wearing chastity belt do not have fuck options to fuck pussy and lick it.
  • Fuck scenes. Added NPC horny meter.
  • Male on male. Added cum in throat images
  • Blair will always generate with medium breasts size and same traits (Breeder, Cumslut and Deepthroat)
  • Explore wolves event. Bleeding will happen only if you kill less than 3 of them.
  • Renamed mods to packs (In future idea is that mods could be actual mods that customizes game without having to modify game files (js injection))
    [Now players can create new packs and without modifying .html file add them under packs/packs.js]
  • Added Veronica Leal pack
  • Customize. Custom portaits for females (For portrait and say dialogs)
  • Bounty hunter. Added caught NPC info.
  • Event [Guesthouse] – Caught trans on trans. (contr. decker-666)
  • Workbench. Added current amount of items
  • Added cloth and towel to managable shop items (Now your shopkeeper can buy/sell them automatically)
  • Event [Explore] – Hospital (existing). Added chance to find towels.
  • Decreased forest hunting target from 10 to 9 to it be successful
  • Male on male. Cum on feet and cum on back images added
  • New sex action. Anal fisting. Need analslut trait and 90+ anal (contr. decker-666)
  • Cheatmenu [Edit NPC]: Added option to change name and age (For supporters)
  • Guesthouse for mobile view. (Still experimenting). Changed pregnancy to icon and smaller text and moved throw out inside npc view.
  • Increased Travel event – tribe camp from 5% to 8% (while traveling to settlement (medallions))
  • More code cleanup and removing unnecessary global variables. (Should impact game performance)
  • Added multiple sex action texts (contr. dcosmic1)
  • Event: [Guesthouse] – Ask a guest to fuck someone. (contr. decker-666)
  • Slave market. Now you will be able to buy last slave before market closes.
  • Event [Explore] – Mysterious scream. (For supporters additional scenes) (also added in cheatmenu to trigger)
  • Explore event The Dying Elderly Survivor (existing). Extended options (contr. NilsPeterAndersson)
  • In fights. If have companions. Less chance that they will hit you.

Developer Notes:

This project is and will be absolutely free. For now, if you want to support my work, just leave a comment in lewdgames.net. My ears are all yours. I need suggestions, criticism and your true opinion This is my first game ever.

Game idea is that it will be a fully open world, rpg game where you can be who ever you want. You want to be a farmer, slave merchant, just a random good/evil guy, bounty hunter, cage figher, Cannibal? You can be whatever you want!

Reputation system There will be reputation system like in RDR2 where you can decide how people will look at you. If you help strangers and other people, you get it; if you kill innocent people/slave – you lose it.

Custom images for girls (MOD):

1. Create new folder and rename it to girl name under images/actions/<GirlName>
2. Copy folders from other existing action folder(for example basement)
3. Add your images (can be gif or webp)
2. Run `node searchActions.js` (To run npm on Windows, you need to download the Node. js installer package first)
3. Enjoy the customized sex scenes.

PDF manual with images: MEGA

Game Images & Screenshots

Others: ONLINE

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