Beast Companions [v1.1.0] By Azla1

Azla1 Games released a new game called Beast Companions and the version is 1.1.0. The game’s story is about You are a girl from a small town who wants to become an adventurer with her beast friend: a centaur. While doing different quests, you will grow and will have to fight against different monsters outside town while facing dangerous situations. On that journey to discover yourself, you might encounter new companions, perhaps ennemies, and you will have different interactions with them. You might also discover yourself becoming more and more attracted to some of them, and will slowly discover your sexuality and might succomb to corruption.

Developer: Azla1
File Size: 100.5 MB
Version: 1.1.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

 Version 1.1.0

  • Added
    • Gameplay
      • Capacity to decide which companion to play with. You can even now play alone (tavern of Morya)
      • Capacity to decide which spells to use. You can now play with four spells at most (sorcerer tower of Morya)
      • You can now properly equip all weapons and armors that could be bought at Morya blacksmith shop
    • Sorcerer tower
      • Library and book sections (though most of the book contents are still to write)
      • Capacity to enroll in the tower and become an apprentice
      • Capacity to enroll in sorcerer lessons once your are an apprentice ; different lessons take place in the morning, depending of the in game day
      • Place to manage your spells
    • Spells
      • New spell: thunder ; attack power depends of your arousal and magic power, and arousal augment slightly with each use
      • New spell : heal ; heal yourself, depending on your magic power and your missing life points
      • New spell: Curse of attack ; reduce the attack power of a monster, depending on your magic power
    • Guild (Morya & Monbourg)
      • After succeeding the quest 18 (collecting herbs), you can get your F rank adventurer badge by talking to Morya guild receptionist
      • Everytime you succeed in doing quests while having your adventurer abdge, you gain success points
      • When you have enough points, you can be promoted to E rank (but can’t go higher in 1.1.0)
      • You can take all quests up to your adventurer rank
    • Shops (Morya & Monbourg)
      • You can now sell your slimes, wolf fangs and other things
    • Brothel (Morya)
      • You can now buy a big and an extra large dildo
    • Quests
      • 4 new F ranked quests: wolfs, goblin camp, cave dunjon, and horseman
      • 1 new E ranked quest: tower of gods
      • All new F ranked quests are repetable. They appear depending of the in game day
    • World
      • 2 new zones
        • Goblin camp, in the black forest of Morya
        • Tower of gods dunjon, south of morya
          • It consists of a 100 floor dunjon
          • Each 5 floor, you are able to get your party life back and have the ability to leave the dunjon
          • Your best score is save
          • In release 1.1.0, you can go up to the 20th floor
          • You now have a button to try seducing some monster of the tower (depending of corruption and luck), though none of the monster-fuck story in the tower are written yet
          • Some monsters of the tower can’t be seduced no matter how hard you will try
          • Key of the dunjon can be bought in the shop of Morya
    • Monsters
      • 12 new monsters (in the dunjon tower), each with their respective portrait (12 new images)
    • Sex scenes
      • 5 new sex scenes in the goblin camp, with some art (5 new images) ; scene depends of your choice during a quest, and the companions you have or have not in your party
      • 4 new camping sex scenes with both the werewolf and the centaur ; appears randomly when you re camping, only if you are camping with both of them ; scenes also depend of the in game day
      • 1 new sex scene during the horseman quest, with some art (2 new gifs and 3 new images) ; scene depends of your choices, stats, and the companion you have or have not in your party
      • You can now use the big and extra large dildo with your pussy (with 3 new images)
      • You can now now use the small, standard, big and extra large dildo with your ass
  • Changes
    • Attack and Spell algorithms for the possibility to not play with certain or all companions
    • Changed the design of the in game map for the cave (sorry for my drawing skills lol)
    • You can now buy the cave dunjon key in the shop of Monbourg
    • 2 new images for the existing herb quest (n°18) in some potential part of the quest
    • 1 new image for the stable quest (n°11), when you had to get the slime out
    • 2 new images (appears at random) when in the bedroom (Morya & Monbourg)
  • Fixes
    • Morya mission board: hints about ongoing quests were wrong in some cases. It has been corrected.
    • Wrong typ in the blacksmith shop for one item
    • Cave minotaur scene depending of the companions following you
    • Anal fingering: it has been changed so that it appears more logical (and less painful) considering the story

Developer Notes:

I’m happy to make my first game release. I’ve discovered Twine & Sugarcube 5 weeks ago and gave it a try, as I wanted to do a porn game oriented on monsters and mythycal beasts. It might not be perfect as it was a new to me. I couldn’t put too much time on it and I didn’t developped games before. I hope you will like it as much as I enjoyed making it!
I am planning to continue working on it and have much more gameplay, stories and scenes I want to add in the near future (using captured monsters, monster fuck, adding more images…). I’m trying different image AI generators but for now I’m not satisfied with any of the result I got and my computer nearly died because of it. I stole borrowed temporary few images to make the game visually better, but hope I will soon be able to get my own images.

Game Images & Screenshots

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