Broken Sky [v0.1] By Wistala

Wistala Games released a new game called Broken Sky and the version is 0.1. The game’s story is about is an adult Visual Novel made in Renpy that focuses heavily on player choice, with minor RPG elements. It contains a mix of both furry and human characters, and contains a range of fetishes to satisfy your darkest desires. Enter a futuristic world recovering from a century long war, and decide whether you’ll be the peoples savior, or their ultimate destruction.

Developer: Wistala
File Size: 486.8 MB
Version: 0.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added text outline to help with readability. Outline can be easily changed. I’ll take a public pole in a day or two to see what we think of the current outline size and color
  • Android version available
  • Introduction changes:
    • Added new AI background for Shoshis office
    • Added choice of exploration in Nadir
    • Added new location: Gentlemans retreat
    • Added new location: Worlds collide lounge
    • Added new choice: Remove Anais collar or leave it on
    • Added new easter egg with game over
    • Removed one response option when talking to Vordruth for the first time about his ‘free drinks’ as it served no real purpose and the content it was alluding to will be available later.
  • AI menu changes:
    • Removed variable updating of some character stats such as sexuality. Such stats will now just display what they are. Maintaining this level of updating was too much of a constant time draw and often led to confusion as the way it was displayed seemed to be the truth instead of just what the player knew at the time, so it has been removed
    • Added ability to get Slims contact info
    • Changed some incorrect info about Peach in her secret stats
    • Added detail to Junipers Bio
  • Introduced first main story split choice
  • Added the following characters and their sprites. In addition these new characters are now layered sprites in order to help reduce file size. We will be redoing the older sprites to match these new ones over time. This should make the game much smaller over all!:
    • Julina
    • Floyd
    • Artemis
    • Martee
    • Dave
    • Zolona (New sprites finished but not used in game yet)
    • Avra
    • Enemy: Corrupted dog
  • Added first main story mission
  • Introduced new core gameplay mechanics:
    • Corruption
    • Faction approval
    • Lust
    • Debt
    • Day progression
  • Added maps:
    • World map
    • City map
    • Nadir map
  • Added locations on world map:
    • Wastes
    • Forest
    • River
    • The Maw
    • The City
  • Added locations on city map:
    • Residential district
    • Destroyed section
    • Arachnid district
    • Downtown/Tala Pharm building
  • Added locations to Nadir map:
    • The gentlemans retreat
    • The serpents lair
    • The arena
    • The auction house
    • Residential district
    • When worlds collide lounge
    • Peachs shop
    • Shadys shop
  • New CG’s:
    • Wistala x Shoshi (phone call)
    • First extreme content scene: Lilly x Corrupted dog
    • Peach in her shop
    • Artemis in the worlds collide lounge
  • New access points for old CG’s:
    • Added repeatable version of Vordruths blowjob when interacting with him in The Serpents Lair
    • Added variation to the repeatable blowjob with Vordruth where a sharing content enabled player who is also dating Lilly and in either an open or Harem relationship can have her watch with some minor bonus interactions (No changes to CG)
    • Added Replayable version of Kara’s facesitting scene
    • Added replayable version of Lilly’s bathroom anal when finishing Vordruths blowjob or karas face sitting scenes
  • Things still to come:
    • Tokens to show character locations on the map
    • Stats for HUD (Money, corruption, lust, etc.)
    • Emblems for stats instead of text
    • Various quality of life improvements

Game Images & Screenshots


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