Bubbles and Sisters [v0.1] By Bubbles and Sisters

Bubbles and Sisters Games released a new game called Bubbles and Sisters and the version is 0.1. The game’s story is about Life can’t get any better! You’re living in the big city but your dreams meet a sudden halt when you’re forced to move back home to save your fathers bath house business. The bath house is located on top of a high mountain, it’s filled with many strange guests. You’re not alone tho, you’ve got your step family and other employees to help you keep the show running.​

Developer: Bubbles and Sisters
File Size: 846.7 MB
Version: 0.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Bubbles and Sisters is an adult sandbox visual novel.

Meet the girls, explore the bath house and save your fathers business all while having lots of sex!
The atmosphere in this game is warm, light hearted, fun and with a dash of mystery and magic!

  • The game features NO GRINDNO STATS, NO MINI -GAMES
  • Simple tasks like talking to someone or looking through a door will NOT REQUIRE ENERGY
  • FAST TRAVEL MAP to quickly take you where you want
  • IN GAME GUIDE if you ever get lost.

The sandbox mode was chosen so that you can pick which characters you want to interact with and in what order.

Game Images & Screenshots


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