Cabin Corpse [v0.4.4] By MetalB

MetalB Games released a new game called Cabin Corpse and the version is 0.4.4. The game’s story is Set in a creepy cabin in the middle of nowhere our main character must uncover the secret behind a series of mysterious events. You must interact with other characters, gain their trust, form relationships, gather clues to uncover the truth, manipulate people and decide their fate.

Developer: MetalB
File Size: 990.5 MB
Version: 0.4.4
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added new story content for Charlie
  • Added new bonus scenes for Susan and Charlie
  • Enabled vsync to remove screen tearing on PC during image transitions.
  • Added new cheat code.
  • Added a new type of dialogue box that shows up on screen like a thought bubble.
  • Added more songs
  • Fixed a bug where the key Michael gives you unlocks the first drawer of the Kitchen’s Cupboard. This caused the key to be removed which was unintended.


  • Added new story content for Michael / Main Story
  • Added new songs


  • Added new story content for Michael / Main Story
  • Added cheat menu. Accessible only after entering Chapter 2.
  • Compressed images for the Android version. The PC version is uncompressed.
  • Revamped main menu
  • Added Stamina bar for easier tracking
  • Improved UI
  • Added new locations
  • Made some changes to how images are rendered to improve quality
  • Added particle effects.
  • Added a QTE mini-game
  • Added Camer Zoom In/Out, Panning, and other new screen movements.
  • Added in-game music player. Accessible in 0.4.4
  • Remade several old renders
  • Added a highlight to show selected items in the inventory
  • Increased inventory size
  • Fixed a bug where stats would decrease way more than they were supposed to when skipping time.
  • Added new feature. Character moods
  • Added video/animation player

Game Images & Screenshots


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