Changeling Tale [v1.0.1] By Little Napoleon

Little Napoleon Games released a new game called Changeling Tale and the version is 1.0.1. The game’s story is about

Changeling Tale is the world’s first human to anthro Transformation Themed Visual Novel: an interactive story with musical and graphic elements. It is also a bishoujo-style Eroge, so expect some explicit nudity and sexual content.

Read More Scotland, 1919. The MacLeod sisters have felt the toll of war and are struggling to make ends meet. When their neighbor and childhood friend returns home, his support might just be the blessing they need. But little do they know, he will reveal a secret that will change their lives – literally!

Play as Malcolm, the young Scottish veteran struggling to find peace on the ranch where he grew up. As the lives of Malcolm and those closest to him are turned upside down, your actionsdictate how the story will end!

Developer: Little Napoleon
File Size: 2.10 GB
Version: 1.0.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Compressed the Android build to avoid an unpacking error for APKs over 2gb
  • History now begins at the most recently read text
  • New Toasts Toggle in Preferences that controls whether notifications about unlocked bonus content pop up while reading
  • Revised the Preferences Menu to be clearer and include new Accessibility Menu Button and Toasts Toggle
  • Made horizontal sliders fill with color to indicate their levels
  • New button in Story Branches allows players to delete their persistent data and perform a true reset
  • Created a failsafe system that awards the full total of easter eggs if all have been unlocked but not all have been awarded
  • Added “Farewell” to two missing branches in Jessie’s table of contents
  • Fixed issues causing unusual Story Branches behavior, including Marion’s Chapter 4 branching buttons and hints not showing
  • Revised the Help Menu to make clearer buttons and include the hotkey to the Accessibility Menu
  • Corrected an error keeping the second “Beyond the Glen” background from unlocking in the Almanac
  • Almanac thumbnail for the Night Glen background now shows correctly
  • Almanac background behind the car now shows correctly
  • Church pulpit, Marion’s Room’s cameo portraits, beach and cafe Almanac entries now unlock correctly
  • Made the prerequisites easier for unlocking the rocky, foggy hillside in the Almanac
  • Made the Rebound achievement trigger more lenient
  • Standardized the naming of the Faerie Ring Baird’s entry, which makes the unread icon now function correctly
  • Baird’s Kelpie entry no longer repeats twice
  • Made Grace’s three Chapter 3 date variants and Marion’s three Chapter 3 lie variants count toward story completion
  • Corrected an issue where the Bachelor Home ending, Marion’s Chapter 4 scenes 9 & 11, and Jessie’s Chapter 4 scenes 8, 9, & 10 were not counting toward 100% story completion
  • Several other Marion and Jessie sprite viewer entries weren’t showing due to the same issue above and were fixed
  • Corrected a typo preventing Jessie’s sprite viewer Cordial style from unlocking
  • Corrected several sprite viewer issues involving missing assets, incorrect number of expression buttons, and line lengths
  • Sprite viewer is now unlocked by reaching stories’ ends on touch input devices (because minigames are disabled on those)
  • Corrected a typo preventing Grace’s flotation devices from correctly displaying in her Chapter 5 kiss scene
  • Fixed an incorrect Jessie sprite while the Rebound achievement plays out
  • Title characters now change based on in-game persistent data instead of achievement status
  • Fixed a transparency issue with the volume sliders, and gave them better contrast
  • Brightened corners of default game menu backgrounds for improved contrast
  • Made the input window for naming the ship more clear
  • Made the availability of a choice in Grace’s Chapter 2-7 dependent on a choice made in Grace’s Chapter 2-4
  • Fixed a continuity error involving the positions of Grace’s and Malcolm’s hands
  • Removed Grace’s hair boobs from their final embrace scene
  • Beach Chapter save icons now correctly show Grace instead of Jessie
  • Added a line in one of Marion’s epilogues to clarify the mail forwarding
  • Ocean lapping now correctly ends before the beach epilogue
  • Marion, Douglas, and Jessie no longer float in their respective scenes
  • The orca and Alana’s bagpipes images are no longer cut off at the top
  • Improved choreography of leadup to Other Fish ending
  • Corrected several typos and grammar mistakes in the narrative
  • Revised Bonus Room menu and removed a link
  • Aligned the Music Room scrolling section to the bottom divider bar
  • Naming the boats the original options via the custom window returns the proper response

Game Images & Screenshots

Win: – 2.1 GB
Linux (v0.8.1) : ChangelingTale-0.8.1-linux.tar.bz2 – 1.1 GB
Android (v0.8.1) : – 1.1 GB
Extras: HIGH RESOLUTION PACK Changeling Tale – Full-Res Asset – 1.4 GB

Linux (v0.8.1) : MEGA – NOPY – RACATY
Mac (v0.8.1) : MEGA – NOPY – RACATY
Android (v0.8.1) : MEGA – NOPY – RACATY


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