Club Detention [v0.067] By Yorma86

Yorma86 Games released a new game called Club Detention and the version is 0.067. The game’s story is about As a former disgraced teacher, you are given one last chance to enter the world of academia. You are to teach the hopelessly ignorant young women from ultra-rich families. The twist: The school needs money to operate and a hostess club with the students as hostesses is born. Teach the girls, manage the club, decide the fate of your students and meet a rich cast of characters.​

Developer: Yorma86
File Size: 679.2 MB
Version: 0.067
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • A new and (hopefully) improved Club management and nightly report menus
  • Hostesses can now be assigned new jobs once they reach Novice level 3
  • As a direct result, the hostesses now gain job experience as they work (the actual XP rate might need some adjustment in the future)
  • The club rank can now go up! It still doesn’t really affect anything, but it will soon enough
  • There is a new customer system that randomizes customers for each night, and new customers can be unlocked via progressing in the game, and in the future, by building certain rooms/upgrades
  • Rooms can be upgraded and each upgrade level gives you an upgrade point that can be spent on room-specific perks
  • Club simulation has been completely rewritten from scratch
  • What happens in the club each night depends on the girls, their jobs, which customers visit the club and various other mysterious factors
  • Each event will result in stat changes for the girls and possibly reputation and money for you!
  • A couple new research options to help girl XP and level grind
  • Under-the-hood optimizations and code refactoring via JSONs and enums and more!
  • No new scenes for the story or any of the girls, sorry. I warned you the next updates were focused on mechanics :/


  • Samantha’s storyline begins!
  • You’ll get to visit a new area, meet some new characters and you can discover four different lewd scenes tied to Samantha’s story
  • If you chose a free research for Serena perk, all of the research options can now be selected no matter how poor you are
  • Jacob can help you train your charisma!
  • You can replay cabin events through Lilith in the courtyard at night (or play events you wouldn’t get to see – Lilith won’t try to fool you if you’ve already joined her cause)
  • Some backgrounds and the town map have seasonal variations (I might add a calendar and seasonal events, character birthdays and such in the future since it kinda tickles my fancy)
  • Bug fixes and a stupid little surprise maybe 1/100 players will even notice
  • Town locations now have a tooltip!
  • Lilith chapter start shouldn’t bug anymore
  • If you perform the ritual again, Hermione should appear in the library again, as she should


  • Hermione’s storyline begins! Once you’ve reached a certain point in the main story, an event should trigger in the school hallway
  • A new environment can be unlocked! There’s really nothing to do there yet, but it’s been in the works for a while now
  • Bella has received two new events for the weekend – visit her shop during dusk and if you chose well, you should talk to her – again at the bar once night falls
  • Android port – finally I got around learning how to do it myself
  • Reduced build size for all platforms!
  • An optional and experimental AI voiceover for the early part of Hermione’s questline – tell me if you hate it or love it
  • Numerous grammar and typo fixes
  • Fixed some crashes/error screens appearing at different locations due to typos in variables etc.
  • More bugs, I bet


  • The interaction screen with the girls has been overhauled
  • Hannah’s storyline starts, but is still very, very barebones
  • Added lewd scenes for Hannah and Jennifer – play their storylines to see them
  • Added more club events!
  • Samantha has gotten some love with two bar events, one dance stage event
  • Hannah has a new event for the hangout room and a smaller one at the massage parlor
  • Jennifer tries her hand at the bar
  • If you’ve coached Jennifer enough, Anna might want a dance coach too
  • New renders for the gym class
  • You can catch Lily in the locker room, maybe (her stuff is really unfinished, sorry)
  • More questions for each school class
  • Mina will now appear at the club after a certain story point
  • Some generic random events for the hostess club (after Mina appears at the club)
  • Oh so many bug fixes
  • More bugs, probably


  • Jennifer’s questline starts. Meet her on weekend mornings in the courtyard to progress
  • Fixed an old bug with Bella’s dialogue forcing wrong dialogue to resume
  • Cleaning up some configs and unused files to reduce size
  • When enabled, cheats stay on until next version is released
  • An amazing new feature: you can now click on the bed in your home to open the rest menu! Wow!
  • Jennifer’s questline is mainly non-lewd with only few lewd stuff in it
  • Expect heavy reading and slight puzzle work – hopefully I wasn’t too cryptic or out there with the puzzles
  • So, nothing too lewd this time, I’m afraid, but the next update will be mainly about lewd content, so yay?

Developer Notes:

While the game is still in very early stages, the intro and first few story beats are done. A majority of the sandbox elements have been implemented in one form or another, but there is only random content here and there (mainly for Natalie, Cindy, Serena and Shirley). There are plans to implement random events for both the hostess club and the school, which will alter characters’ stats and preferences. Other planned features are consequences to school performances over time, weekly money target for hostess club, individual storylines for each student and for some of the side characters.

This is a solo project and my first time coding with Ren’Py and Python, so be kind, but I’m also super excited to hear feedback and suggestions, since I’m the only living person who’s been playing the game so far.

Disclaimer: The protagonist is supposed to be pretty young, like early 30s. You don’t have to be an old senior to become a disgraced teacher since you could technically do that on your first day. He’s meant to look a bit soft and derpy to make the femdom scenes less…weird. I just can’t see big burly old men being dominated by smaller women. Also, I personally know babyfaces that look younger than the protagonist, but are 35 or over, so I guess I’m just biased.

Game Images & Screenshots


Extra: Jennifer Walkthrough

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