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Harold Games released a new game called Darkstar and the version is 0.2a. The game’s story is about Enter a new world and learn to survive in Prihaya. Your journey will not be easy, young hero, but I have faith that you can save us all.Darkstar is a visual novel with RPG backdrop. Within it you may forge ahead on the path of good or evil. Should you choose the evil path, you can expect to corrupt and steal the hearts of others. While on the good route, you must defend your comrades from the lull of pulsating sin. See notes for more info.

Developer: Harold
File Size: 550.1 MB
Version: 0.2a
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Continuation of CORRUPT ROUTE main story
  • New corruptible heroine
  • 2 new H scenes (CORRUPT ROUTE)
  • More content added to Trine’s H scene
  • 2 new paralogues in Alostorr (CORRUPT ROUTE)
  • 1 new subquest in Solanne (PURE ROUTE)
  • Option to skip intro
  • Bugfixes, polished some scenes, UI changes

Developer Notes:

Many fetishes are OPTIONAL. You can turn off NTR (losing your waifu) entirely.
You can pursue true love, or even a harem in the pure route.Planned contents include: NTR (losing your waifu), Netori (stealing other waifus), Harem, Pure Love, Yuri, Corruption, Mind Control, Transformation
Minor planned content: Yaoi/Sissification, FutanariWalkthrough text file included in download, map that pairs with the walkthrough has its own download

Game Images & Screenshots


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