Demon Gods [v0.49] By Panonon

Panonon Games released a new game called Demon Gods and the version is 0.49. The game’s story is about I died and was reincarnated into a – wait no… This is a game about you, who died and woke up in another world with a new body. You’re tasked with purifying the world of corruption by a Goddess who makes it pretty clear she doesn’t really care if you succeed or fail.​

Developer: Panonon
File Size: 166.0 MB
Version: 0.49
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Ver 0.49

Note: Multiple bugs have been identified in 0.49, none of them are game-breaking but they have been fixed in 0.50
I apologize as it’s difficult to catch all the bugs by myself, but I’m happy to welcome any interested bug testers!

New content:

  • Continued story
  • New location
  • 10 fun scenes in the bar by eavesdropping
  • Multiple new characters
  • Elves!
  • Cat-girl? Cat-girl.
  • Kitsune too!?
  • You now gain a little bit of cum every night you sleep after gaining a familiar. Cross-dimensional cum!
  • New lore
  • Multiple conversation options with new characters
  • 1 new lewd scene, multiple more modified and added back
  • Bestiary has been updated with lore, since this is written from the perspective of someone in the kingdom, some enemies will be missing.
  • Bestiary must now be purchased in any bookstore, price may be different depending on location.
  • Ability to rewatch old scenes when masturbating (chapter 3+ only)
  • Pat returns to chapter 3.5, for those who wish to cheat
  • Animated gifs (this needs to be enabled in your room)
  • Not including edits to past content, this update includes a wordcount of 34,251 words.


  • Some text regarding the spidersilk quest, some players were getting confused on how many silks were needed for the dress.
  • To prevent bugs and for future gameplay mechanics, after you finish chapter 2 you will no longer be immediately sent to sleep after running out of energy.
  • Nar the Riddler now accepts the first letter being capitalized in the first dungeon
  • Reduced the number of days in between each visit when training your charm magic from 7 to 5
  • Misty path shortcut went straight to the end instead of the passage before it, which could be a bit confusing. Fixed it so it goes to the path right before it.
  • Fixed a broken image at the beginning of chapter 3
  • Your first familiar was only accessible with higher corruption. It makes sense from a story perspective, but I felt it punished “good” players too harshly, and made it available regardless of corruption level. However I increased the rewards from the version that requires higher corruption.
  • Fixed who was speaking in one of the endings
  • Fixed some missing code which made some text hard to read near one of the endings.

Developer Notes:

I update monthly, though I do update more frequently if there are game-breaking bugs. I’m happy for feedback. My game is also available on my website, which is updated 2 weeks after Patreon. One thing I hate is games that don’t get finished, so I am adamant that I will finish this game.

Game Images & Screenshots


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