Dirty Chatting [v0.12] By Mimir Games

Mimir Games released a new game called Dirty Chatting and the version is 0.12. The game’s story is about This is an immersive, narrative game played through a simulated computer. Chat with different characters, browse through their social media feeds, collect their pictures ! You will have access to several apps simulating different kinds of social media (direct messages, picture/story sharing,

camming, etc.) The most important app will be your gallery, featuring powerful image editing tools that will alow you to peer through hidden layers and uncover clues about the characters !​

Developer: Mimir
File Size: 94.0 MB
Version: 0.12
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.11 Public
First update, primarily an art update.

  • Day 1 gallery artworks have been colored and polished. The sketch art can still be viewed in the gallery with a button !
  • New deduction mechanic introduced.
  • A couple more clues and deductions have been added, and some of the script was touched up for better consistency.
  • Story wise, after the conclusion of day 1, a teaser for the day 2 I’ve been working on ; a lot more to come
  • Bugfixes !

Developer Notes:

This is my first release ever. This is a very passionate project of mine, as I have opted to do everything myself, from scratch : coding, writing, drawing.
I didn’t want to make a cookie cutter visual novel, so I didn’t use any existing game engine and developed this OS-like interface with a cross-platform UI framework (Avalonia).
I’ve always thought sexting based games were scarce, so I’m trying to make a game that features a lot of messaging, but also different kinds of social media.
The goal is to be an immersive experience, where the player feels like he is browsing his own smartphone !
I’m releasing this demo to showcase that the foundations are mostly done, and this is a snapshot of the game mechanics I want to offer. The story is not fully fleshed out yet, but there are still a bunch of pictures to unlock !
From now on, adding content should be a breeze coding wise and expanding mechanics/adding new apps will be facilitated by this robust and generic codebase.
The following weeks will be mostly hotfixes and polish, but I will then adopt an iterative process : periodic releases (probably monthly), and be transparent about the scope of each sprint.

Drawings will be colored and some probably animated.
As the framework I’m building on is cross-platform, an Android release is also planned.

I’m obviously eager of receiving your feedback. If you encounter a bug, have a QoL improvement to recommend, questions/criticisms about anything, or suggestions for the content, feel free to post them, I will be active on this thread.

I am currently doing this full time, so if you like what this game tries to offer and wish to see more of it, it would be of immense help if you could support me on Patreon !

Game Images & Screenshots


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