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gaaby Games released a new game called Disruption and the version is 0.11 Public. The game’s story is about passes on the beautiful city of Budapest, indulge in this story of strong emotions as you cruise through many experiences, whether you want it to be dominant or submissive is entirely up to you Imagine this as your second life, as your explosion of what you really want to be, will you be bent or bend others? Discover yourself in Disruption.​

Developer: gaaby
File Size: 1.93 GB
Version: 0.11 Public
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.10 Public


• Overall optimization from v0.9 update.
• Fixed a bug where you’d get the GF Cuck MSG event even when you chose to end her cuck storyline.
• Fixed a bug where while in the dom path you’d get alot of the teacher sub detention events.
• Fixed a bug where you’d get a sub sunday event in the dom path
• Fixed a bug in the Sunday Dom Event, you go out with your girlfriend, not your mother!
• Changed the colors of the tasks on the tips button to distinguish better
• Removed the phone events from interfering with the end of main content on the tips button

New content:

•Reworked all the therapy sessions, now they are cut off into topics and gradually increase the intensity of content, making for a more gradual and enjoyable hypno sessions;
• New therapy session with a new breakthrough pill and something else.. also.. your therapist gets physical with you..!
• Continuation of the girlfriend cuck storyline with a new cuck event, you go out for lunch again!
• New teacher event in detention where she orders you to buy a new sex toy!
• Two new teacher tasks, one related to the toy you bought!
• New dom teacher detention event with the start of her storyline in the dom path
• New best friend dom event with the start of her storyline, trans content warning, you can decide there to end the sexual content between the Player and Trans bestfriend if you wish!
• New porn added, Femdom porn and Maledom porn, for sub and dom path respectively!
• Added a new clock button on the sidebar to skip time anywhere you are.
• Added an option to skip the weekend if you don’t wanna play through the weekend events over and over again
• Added a waiting warning on the tips to show when you can trigger a new main story event, usually you have to wait three days to get a new event, you can check it on your tips button!

v0.9 Public

  • Hey there fellas! Welcome to v0.9! This update focuses entirely on rehauling the way the scenes will trigger from now on in the main story and addition of ALOT of scenes to the Sex Shop, 13 in total over the course of 26 days of working! Hopefully you all enjoy the writing made in these scenes, feedback is greatly appreciated and more details will be added down here in the changelog, this was really fun to make and hope you enjoy these scenes!
  • Bugfixing:
    Fixed the wrong name on a scene where it was supposed the be the bestfriend and not the girlfriend, sorry!
    Fixed a bug where the male underwear would stay on after the sister removed your underwear completely;
    Changed the way you go to work;
    Completely changed the way the scenes will trigger to make the game flow from now on;
    Fixed a bug where the uniform preset wasnt working;
  • New content:
    New character added, a costumer named Mistress Ruby, there will be two scenes with her, hope you enjoy dominatrixes..!
    Six new general scenes in the sex shop that you get as you work gradually in the beginning, you need to work 14 days to get every general event, they have dom and sub options and then as you grow your feminization or masculinization stat, you get more sub or dom focused events.
    Six sub/fem focused scenes in the sex shop with characters like the best friend, Mistress Ruby, manager etc..
    One masculinity focused event in the sex shop, unfortunately that is where the game is in terms of max masc, so it will be the only one with that focus for now!
    13 SCENES added overall in the sex shop over the course of 26 days!
  • That is all for this update, hope you all enjoy, any questions hit me up!

Developer Notes:

As of v0.1 the domination route has very little to no content, I strongly advise you to try out the sub route first! Thank you for playing! This is my first game ever, took me alot of effort to learn and be able to make everything work. Hopefully you enjoy this and I plan to devote myself to this project!

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