Doki Doki Tri-line Quest [v1.91.31] By PurpleCrit

PurpleCrit Games released a new game called Doki Doki Tri-line Quest and the version is 1.91.31. The game’s story is about Do you like Nsfw Games? Do you like simple? Do you like naked waifus? if so this game is for you!!​

Developer: PurpleCrit
File Size: 458.7 MB
Version: 1.91.31
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  1. New Quest Meet Futanari your trusted Futanari (activated after 30 quests in the forest).
  2. New quest how to open the farm . to open the farm and continue the main story you must pass 3 quests this quest will help you to find them.
  3. New patreon Npc at the JailFarm
  4. The difficulty has been improved in the game, now the confrontations will have a better difficulty level than before (it is somewhat easier long story short).


New in the Game:

  1. Continuation of the Marael Quest. (reference to undertale)
  2. Line can now transform into a succubus in the fight for more damage.
  3. Quest of the secret orphanage. (Corruption?)
  4. Father Shoe Quest.(Corruption)
  5. Golden Rain Quest.(Piss :V)
  6. Nun’s Quest.(Corruption)
  7. The interior of the church was added.
  8. An npc was added as a store in the church where you can buy clothes and confession.
  9. Quest of my puppy helping to know where to save the game :0.(Quality of Life Improvement)
  10. Veritus Serpent Quest .(Corruption)
  11. Continuation of Callie’s Quest.(Mega Corruption)


  1. Changed the requirements for some quests.
  2. Added steam effects in some quests.
  3. Moxene was changed by another npc.
  4. Lewdzko’s Crystal was changed by another npc.
  5. The furry sex scene has its own va sounds.
  6. Gilfried was added a unique passive gain double money that was not working.
  7. Line’s image when talking now shows the corresponding image.
  8. textbox has been shrunk to make it gentler to the eye.
  9. Deleted dead pixels from sakura’s sexcene.
  10. Zone tan now has animation in the overworld.
  11. Infinity money glitch in kristoff’s quest was fixed.
  12. The dialogs in the quest where the pureya girl appears have been fixed.
  13. the zone-tan key was fixed and no longer appears out of nowhere.
  14. Calculation of the money at the end of the fights. (now gives more)
  15. Calculation of how well you did in the fight was renewed and improved.
  16. All Line clothes were given new stats to those who had repeated stats.

Developer Notes:

Currently in a early development stage, this game takes the concept of match 3 games as a base and transforms it into a rpg fighting game The game contains a robust stat system that depends on your clothes to improve the attacks that Line launches, but do not feel overwhelmed that the game, based on match 3, can be played with one hand. i mean is an h-game that the idea we even have a patreon that with your donation you can leave your mark on the game how to decide what clothes you want to be in the game And don’t forget to check if you like what you see! Feel free to comment, suggest and critique the game on this page! Any piece of feedback is important to the development process 🙂 If you find a bug plz enter to the discord server and report it there if you find 10 bugs we can add one of yours to the game <3 We have a patreon which you can donate money and have the possibility of adding things you would like to the game <3

Controls in one of the screenshot on the right ->

  • WASD = Movement
  • K = accept
  • L = decline
  • Enter = pause

Game Images & Screenshots


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