Elleria [v0.3 Ch. 1. Part II] By M.C Games

M.C Games Games released a new game called Elleria and the version is 0.3 Ch. 1. Part II. The game’s story is about “By the word religion I have seen the lunacy of fanatics of every denomination be called the will of god. Mad words in sermons, wills of mortal men and women. Holiness is in right action, and courage on behalf of those who cannot stand for themselves, goodness and righteousness. Little to none of that present now a day however.”

There’s never been a more truer war fought than war of faith, for if people will not fight for what they believe in, what else is there to fight for? You’ve seen it, and you’ve been there. Once a devoted man fighting for what he believed in, seen and believed a hero… for all the wrong reasons. But if you’ve had a chance to do it again, would you do it the same?

Follow the story of Eliot Magnus (first name changeable), once a devoted man of faith and a Paladin of his god, deemed a hero. Yet a hero can be turned into a villain, for all the right reasons when he fought for all the wrong reasons before.

Developer: M.C Games
File Size: 1.86 GB
Version: 0.3 Ch. 1. Part II
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details


v0.3 – Chapter 1 Part 2 (Heavier than last update!)

  • Story, lots of story.
  • Added Codex System, for those who actually care for game / world lore. (This will have constant additions as the story takes shape.)
  • Added Gallery (Aka you can unlock some nice renders along the way. Some are just nice wallpapers, and others are more ”spicy” in nature. I needed someplace to put all the renders that I make but never show! Each update should bring new ones.)
  • Note: Gallery Renders are unlocked via one of the three methods, (1st: Just play the game, at specific story parts you get rewarded. 2nd: Specific choices lead to renders unlock. 3rd: With upcoming achievement system, get an achievement to unlock the render. (Not available at the moment!) )
  • Insert (I lost count of how many new sound effects and tracks this time)
  • Prologue corrections and some light changes in sentences.
  • Further GUI Tweaks
  • Textbox Opacity Slider under the options. (Here you go bad sight people, help yourselves.)
  • Typo Fixes

v0.2 – Chapter 1 Start ( Quite a sizeable one.)

  • GUI Tweaks.
  • Increased the Shadow Opacity of the dialogues. (Per suggestion from people who had issues reading in some lighter scenes. Will be tweaked further if necessary.(Feel free to ping me y’ folks with bad sight.) )
  • Auto Forward is now located under preferences, next to auto forward speed control. (Available for toggle as per request.)
  • Typo Fixes
  • Character Codex. (Can be accessed during the play time, right click to open the menu and click on ”Characters” to get some background on them, if you have the particular character unlocked.)
  • Several new soundtracks from some quite talented people!
  • Some tweaks and work on main character design.

Developer Notes:

This game is NOT for players who are seeking random and meaningless sex scenes, the emphasis of this game is choices and story. Given the fact the game is story rich, as intended, it is not there for a quick fap. In case you’re seeking it, this game isn’t for you.

For additional tags / content that is not listed, you can always ask and will be replied will such things be in the game or not. One thing that I will say as I always do with absolute certainty, no NTR.

Game Images & Screenshots


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