Ero Dungeons [Alpha 2.99] By Madodev

Madodev Games released a new game called Ero Dungeons and the version is Alpha 2.99. The game’s story is about You are to establish a new adventurers’ guild in the wastes to the North. However, a corrupting miasma of unsatiable lust still seeps the soil. Send your brave adventurers (female) forth to claim these forbidden lands. But beware, lead and train them well, lest their minds and souls be corrupted by the depraved creatures of these wastes. They will stop at nothing to kidnap your daring adventurers and subject them to unspeakably lewd horrors. So expand your fledgling guild, overcome those misbegotten instruments of desire, and fight your way towards the lewdest dungeon.​

Developer: Madodev
File Size: 144.9 MB
Version: Alpha 2.99
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

Alpha 2.99


  • Android Support
  • New Ruins Dungeon:
    • Orc and Goblin enemies
    • The ponygirl cursed class
  • Map Rework
  • Facial expressions
  • Bestiary, Item Catalog, Curio Catalog, Class List
  • Dynamic Quests that grant Favor
  • Main Quests to guide you through the game
  • Morale Rework
  • Customization Options


  • Added jobs for ponygirl, pet, prisoner classes.
  • Pets can now wear all types of underwear.
  • Classes now have repeatable upgrades to spent your points on once elite.
  • A large amount of preset characters (with unique quirks) from Technician Patreon backers.
  • More scripts for modding, thanks Jewel, AFKgjiAE and Meoaim.
  • Added Farmthis‘ Rubberpuppy mod to the basegame.
  • Encounters can now trigger reinforcements, thanks Haraberu!
  • Items can now have a different z_layer than their animation layer by suffixing them with #LAYER
  • Gear can now change based on hidden goals, expanding the current system. Thanks Fenec250!
  • Changed the Victory sound away from the default RPGM one.
  • Changed the “forest” tiles to something that looks like a forest.
  • Your adventurers will bark remarks in the overworld/dungeon/guild.
  • You can capture rescue human enemies with a portable iron horse and sell them get rewarded for rescuing them. Thanks Haraberu!
  • Dungeon effects have been removed completely.
  • Goals have been refactored internally. This means that the progression of some PDGs is now more linear.
  • Rescued adventurers will always join and follow the party, even if you already have 4 girls. They will join as reinforcements.


  • Loading speeds of everything has increased at least by a factor of 2, but up to 10 times for very very large guilds.
  • More console commands.
  • Rooms are only marked as clear when all actors inside have been cleared.
  • Added some more tutorialization with red exclamation marks.
  • The Embark button leads you home when the party is empty, thanks Fenec250.
  • The name of the mage’s skills Mental Barrier and Prescience have been changed since Mental Barrier gave Prescience tokens.
  • The dice roll chances are now shown in the stagecoach panel.
  • The party of the last dungeon now gets autosaved, thanks Haraberu!
  • The classlevel goals now show how many upgrade points you need to reach, thanks Haraberu!
  • Dungeon tooltips now also include the equip group.
  • Desire tooltips now also include the expected desire increase.
  • Colorblind mode that changes the color of the HP bars in combat.
  • You can now see the amount of cursed items in the submission desire tooltip.
  • Hit chance is now added to the move UI. Thanks Haraberu!


  • Removed the 5d5-2 stagecoach tier, as it was situationally worse than the previous one.
  • CON was applied before any addition to HP, all other multiplicative effects after. It now applies after for consistency.
  • Morale Rework Changes:
    • Morale Drain effects have been changed to Morale Cost Modifier effects.
    • Room Healing effects have been changed to Morale Healing Cost Modifier effects.
    • The above effects can reduce morale costs by at most 80%.
  • Changes about Building Effects:
    • Some upgrades cost favor.
    • Some guild upgrades, such as the roster size one, are infinitely repeatable now.
    • Removed all discounting upgrades, except for the hospital.
    • Removed Hospital success rate.
    • You can now upgrade carry capacity in the farmstead.
    • Split up maid jobs from starting morale, and added a repeatable for the latter.
    • Added upgrade (costing favor) to make mental ward, extraction, and training field instantaneous
    • Time job goals will just require a change if the job is made instantaneous
    • Uncursing and saving at the church now costs favor.
  • Traits, personalities, and crests have been streamlined:
    • Traits are the only things affecting personalities.
    • Personalities only affect quirks, curios and a crest growth modifier.
    • Crests only grow through either the “advance crest” enemy move or mantras.
    • Mantras no longer affect personalities, but instead grow one crest and reduce all others.
    • Two crests have been added, so each personality now has a crest.
    • You can reroll traits in the Church.
  • Skip day now costs one favor.
  • Quirk removal now has a fixed cost (as if removing on 50%).
  • Mantra removal cost no longer depends on suggestibility.


  • All bugs reported since the 2.9 public release have been fixed. As much as I like long changelogs, I won’t include all of them.

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