Fuck Nights at Fremy’s [v0.1.7] By BACK DOOR studio

BACK DOOR studio Games released a new game called Fuck Nights at Fremy’s and the version is 0.1.7. The game’s story is about Fuck Nights at Fremy’s is a 2D survival horror game. Explore the nightclub, do tasks while trying to keep the animatronics off, collect tapes to unlock nsfw scenes, unlock useful items to enhance your experience and solve the mysteries of Fremy’s nightclub history! Fremy’s Nightclub.inc welcomes you to our public nightclub business! We look forward to working with you soon! I guess you already know our mascots right? They will be your co-workers now.

Developer: BACK DOOR studio
File Size: 395.9 MB
Version: 0.1.7
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

new in survival mode:

  • map and girls skin change for halloween.
  • optimized map
  • optimized elevator
  • optimized girl ai
  • change in the level selection on the computer


new survival mode:

  • a bigger map!
  • gameplay changes for girls
  • fewer tasks (for now)
  • memories added
  • adding piles of tapes
  • adding traps
  • adding Lila (sister of Lilo)

new mechanics:

  • survival mode becomes more of an exploration mode.
  • Instead of doing tasks, you have to explore the nightclub to find tapes (new sources of money) and easter eggs.
  • The girls now have their own way of interacting with you, depending on their personalities.


  • a better lobby
  • a better pc
  • a better shop
  • a better tape shop
  • a better map


  • Directional Arrows: Move
  • Shift: Run
  • X: Flashlight
  • D: Object switch in the inventory
  • C: Use objects
  • Space bar: Interact
  • Esc: Pause / Save / Load Save

You have to save and load the saves manually in the pause menu in the lobby!

Game Images & Screenshots


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