Gakko No Monogatari – School Story [v0.05] By CorpoLife_dev

CorpoLife_dev Games released a new game called Gakko No Monogatari – School Story and the version is 0.05. The game’s story is about You’re a high school senpai from the countryside, moving to Tokyo to live with your aunt and cousins. Your aim is to gain admission to Japan’s leading universities, which means attending Suzuran High School, the most prestigious high-school in the country. Along the way, you’ll meet beautiful classmates, engage with your beautiful teachers, and adjust to living with your extended family. Your goal is to study diligently and fulfill your lifelong dream of securing a spot at a top university.​

Developer: CorpoLife_dev
File Size: 2.40 GB
Version: 0.05
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v.0.05 (Remu my Girlfriend)

  • 1 New Mei Satsuki’s scene
  • Gym: Now you can train in gym to be able to withstand Izaki
  • 1 New character introduction: Mitake (Personal Trainer)
  • Remu Story Progression: Now you can make her your girlfriend that unlocks 2 scenes with her
  • Rei Sensei story: 5 new scenes

v.0.04 (Saeko Sensei

  • Bugfix
  • Saeko Sensei Story
  • 7 New scenes with her

v.0.03 (Remu my Dearest)

  • Remu’s story (Story progression and basic interaction – Chat, lunch together, hanging out at the rooftop. and dating on the weekend)
  • Added Konbini (Convenience Store) – MC can work there to help Ririko. MC can have fun with Ririko while working at the Konbini (Two scenes with Ririko)
  • 1 new midnight scene with Ririko (approach her in her room at 24)
  • Mei’s story (Story progression and 1 love scene with her after studying together at her place)


Well developing Corpo Life these past 2 years surely upgrade my Twine skill, so there are major improvements I made compared with my 1st game: Corpo Life

So here what I made different for this game:

  • Realtime walkthrough / quest tracker based on girls (like any other proper html games out there. Yes I know, I sucked at Corpo Life, but , yeah here we go)
  • Reduced grinding by removing unnecessary stats like relationship etc. (Have you ever seen relationship bar in real life?)
  • Adding more original assets (picture and gifs)
  • Improved writing
  • Anime style Art

Game Images & Screenshots

Online: MOPOGA

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