Gallery of Ambitious Talents [v1.9.4] By GOAT VR

GOAT VR Games released a new game called Gallery of Ambitious Talents and the version is 1.9.4. The game’s story is about an interactive animation player, which supports VR and Desktop mode too! Pick a character, a scene, a voice, or a position, change the pace of the action with a button press, and enjoy the show! Characters randomly change their expression based on the current action.​

Developer: GOAT VR
File Size: 9.35 GB
Version: 1.9.4
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • New save system(Dedicated save file in the Saves directory in the root folder)
  • This means you have to set your favorites and settings again, sorry about that. In the future, every save setting will be saved in this file, so it will be easy to transfer.
  • Bodyshape auto saving and loading for each character
    Animated bodyshape change
    Voicepack volume is saved separately for each pack after adjusting it
    Favorite button moved to a more convenient location, and made more visible
    Proper support for male voicepacks
    Simple category blacklisting in the Main Menu Options (you can prevent male and feral characters to show up in the selection)
  • Gaze activation functionality for the VR Quick Menu (testing)
    Looking at a button for 1 second will activate it, allowing a hand free experience.(After placing the quick menu)
  • Archived some characters
    Moved some characters to a seperate download location, the ones that already have a better variant, or I don’t plan to update them in the future (New variants of archived characters can show up regardless)
  • New characters
    Dr. Doe
  • New scene
    (Art Anjoyer only)
  • New VA
    making his debut for Asriel with a 3 toned voice pack!
    (All 3 tone is available for Art Enjoyer)


1.8.6 feature:

Not much changed, just added some code to make the dynamic light/visitors system work on the mansion.

More expressive expression test

  • I’m practicing a new animation method that can make expression change more dynamic and less stiff. Basically, some expressions are longer animation clips instead of just a 1 frame clip used for most of the expressions.
  • This means, for example, the character will not just look up and down, but does a motion before doing that, like looking more up or sideways.
  • (I’m bad at explaining, and its kinda hard to explain without explaining how the whole animation system works, but I hope its noticable enough)

New character : Stella

  • Stella model was made by AeridicCore
  • (Stella might have weird lighting issue on some maps/locations where the head or body is darker then the other parts. Its a map related bug which will be fixed)
  • Catalouge(Quickly select character in desktop mode)
  • New cursor(Whoa)
  • Spooktober decoration main menu
  • New mechanical sound effect for mechatronic gals
  • Room options support(For bedroom and Strip Club for now)

Game Images & Screenshots

Updater 1.9.3 -> 1.9.4: MEGA – MIXDROP – PIXELDRAIN – UP2SHARE

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