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Feebs Games released a new game called Gateway and the version is 0.2.4. The game’s story is about You are uprooted out of nowhere and flung into an unknown world. This is a hub world, a junction if you will, the place humans known as travelers utilize to venture through gateways connecting to distant worlds and universes. It is soon clear you are somehow embroiled in the machinations of someone else’s grand game spanning centuries, and to gain power for yourself and another, you’re tasked with growing this hub world by making it appealing to the travelers passing through.

Unable to travel back through the portal, you are forced to make a home here with the “strays”, nine women who arrived, much earlier, but in similar circumstances to yourself. However, you quickly come to realize your arrival and reason for being here is vastly different to theirs and that their lives are now irrevocably connected to your own.

Developer: Feebs
File Size: 3.66 GB
Version: 0.2.4
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Alyssa’s substory continues.
  • Derin’s substory continues.
  • Ella’s substory continues.
  • Fixed styling issue on some older-written dialogues that didn’t play nice with the styling update.
  • Added text filter to movies, backgrounds, and credits.
  • Tracker app added to computer allowing you to view everyone’s status at once and filter to show only those that are incomplete.
  • This will be improved in a later version (0.2.5/0.3.0?) to allow you manipulate the quick tracker for this app too.
  • Shift assist skill efficiency bonuses now take into account how many hours you spent helping like the other bonuses do.
  • Fixed issue with that meant Kimberley couldn’t always teach despite meeting all relevant prerequisites.
  • Molly’s measurements scene is no longer repeatable on the day it’s first unlocked.
  • Piper’s planet now correctly states there are no more piggy events once you’ve seen them all.

Developer Notes:

If using family options, the current incest partners are aunt, sister and cousin. Sister & cousin are non-penatrative atm. Though, there are some small dream scenes with mother/sister. First game. Isekai. Originally wanted to make with 3D models, but my Daz skills were lacking. More info in my Dev Thread. Option to play online via It’s only on a shared host, so don’t expect it to be super speedy, but is a decent way to demo before you decide to download proper, I guess. I will release patches from version to version, so you don’t have to download the entire game each time. For those that are less interested in the game elements, there’s a cheat app on the computer.

Game Images & Screenshots

Update Only (0.2.3 to 0.2.4): PIXELDRAIN – GOFILE – MEGA


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