Global Mutation [v0.0.8] By Rolanda

Rolanda Games released a new game called Global Mutation and the version is 0.0.8. The game’s story is about You are tired of your original job. Thus, you quit the job and decide to move to a small town. Everything going well at first few days. However, when you wake up at another day, the morning is more quiet than usual. At first you don’t care about it much. But when you walk out to the street, there are no any people in your sight.

Instead, many unknown species starting to appear everywhere, you are getting panic and realizing that everything has changed. For now on, you will need to find your way to adapt the future live. Game Play In this game, you will have to control your character to survive under the threat from hungry and monster. By looting or gathering, from inside the buildings to outdoor or from various creature and environment, you can collect different material and basic survival supply. With sufficient material, you can even build your own crafting table, and craft useful items that can help you to survive.

Some creature in the world are peaceful and some are more aggressive, you can choose to avoid it or initialize a combat in order to survive. Remember, if you are grabbed by some horny monster, no one will rescue you. So try to cover yourself and prevent being cought!

Developer: Rolanda
File Size: 75.5 MB
Version: 0.0.8
OS: Windows, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • IMPORTANT **Due to some of the game changes, it is advised that create a new world to play with**
    New Content:
    New player UI
    New AI Update
    Added Heat and Desire system
    Added Exposure system
    Now some item can restore stamina (Energy drink, Energy bar)
    Added overweight penalty in run / dodge stamina cost and stamina recover speed
    Now loots can spawn with random numbers and random durability
    Added loot to the TV table and oven
    Now Plank has chance to been found at clothing shop and fruit shop
    Added the quick take & quick Put buttons in most of the container UI
    Added durability bar for the item showing in UI
    Now the lacking materials at chosen receipt will shown at the Input field
    Now the game will be paused when opening the ESC menu
    Added stealth damage boost when attacking enemy from behind (2x damage)
    Added Defense action for player (Press C to toggle)
    Added new walking animation for player when walking on sticky ground
    Added a new idle pose for player when holding weapon
    Added Visual effects for in-heat and orgasm
    Added different idle/walk/run animations for player who is in-heat
    Added a player orgasm animation during the sexual animations with enemy
    Added a variation of player masturbating animation when getting close to orgasm (>50%)
    Player will now fainted for a short time after knocked down and can’t get up when fainted
    The cum records in the player stat will now function
    Added Cum leaking effect
    The Main Player UI now scale with the screen size
    Added Visual differences for goat man
    Added a trial of attribute system
  • Changes:
    Updated the player stats UI
    Updated the struggle system
    Increase stamina regenerate speed when standing / crouching (3 times faster, require 3 seconds to active)
    Reduced base running stamina cost by 20%, reduced base dodging stamina cost by 33%, and increased base stamina recover speed by 25%
    Reduced the stamina consumption on most of the weapons when attacking
    Reduced base health recover speed by 80%
    Re-texture the item image of slime mucus and slime core
    Increase maximum stack number to 5 for some item (Log, Water Can, Slime Core)
    Reduced the spawn rate of some loot
    Changed the defense calculation method (From minus the defense value switching to percentage reduction, can check the actual blocking effect at stats UI)
    Changed the critical damage resistance calculation method
    Adjusted the indoor lighting at home and shopping street
    Updated the slow motion effect to enemy grabbing (lesser time & smaller range)
    Slightly reduce the base knock back distance for player
    Adjusted some player animations and the transition between the animations
    Adjusted the player dodging animation to enhance the control ability
    Player will take more arousal during sex scene under high desire level (x1.5 when reaching 50%, x2 when reaching 80%
    Restrict player to struggle for a few second after orgasm
    Add option to delete world and player-build furniture
    Small adjustment in the help page
  • Bug Fix:
    Fixed the low item sensitivity problem in the container when another item is dragged over on the item to exchange
    Fixed the issue that furniture blueprint move to the center between two touch position when trying to build it
    Fixed the bug that player can dodge while knocked down
    Fixed the bug that player ca

Developer Notes:

Control: (For Window user)

Movement A / D Jump Space
Crouch S Crawl S + A / D
Run Left Shift Dodge Left Ctrl
Light Attack Left Click Heavy Attack Right Click
On-air Attack Left Click (While Jumping) Crouch Attack Left Click (While Crouching)
Interact F Open Inventory I
Open Equipment U Open Player Stats O
Open Map M Toggle Build Mode: B
Masturbate H Get Up From Ground V

Game Images & Screenshots


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