God among Kings [v0.14] By SolidDoc

SolidDoc Games released a new game called  God among Kings and the version is 0.14. The game’s story is about Story driven harem TRPG with light empire management elements about a man, who recently became a lord and gets plunged into intrigue and wars of the higher society. Recruit new members to your council, acquire new units and characters​

Developer: SolidDoc
File Size: 392.9 MB
Version: 0.14
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • new custom battle map
  • 5 new events (sex scenes finally)
  • a wave of character upgrades
  • reused one map for bandit encounters
  • ai tweaks (along with archer ai bugs fixes)
  • ai teams implemented
  • movement arrow reset on hotkey end turn bug fix
  • preserve unit deployment window position on screen click when placing units
  • Sherry One more effect restore fix
  • UI adjustments (effect display window updated with value, duration, icons) (ability charge and cooldown display in army screen ability window) (updated unit stat display to show increased/decreased values)


  • 2 new combat encounters
  • 2 new events
  • ai completely rewritten as a proper tweakable decision making module
  • new objective type and objective system rewritten to be able to hold multiple at once (also supports god mode better)
  • 2 new enemy units
  • updated unit selection window for easier access
  • text box opacity option
  • space hotkey for ending units move
  • enter hotkey for ending turn
  • viewport scrolling via arrowkeys (clunky for now)
  • unit level visual update bug fix
  • replaced “type” variable for mod support on request
  • a few optimization tricks


  • 5 new events added
  • Unit upgrades and info screen (removed or replaced useless actions, added at least 1 useful, fun or strong but conditional action(or effect) per character, along with some stats that they might lack). Archer targeting changed to circle instead of a line, they will be more reliable now
  • Ability to continue the bandit battles after the turns have ended (some of you maniacs enjoy killing everything to a last man, who am i to deny you that?)
  • God mode option added (No damage taken and one shotting enemies)(please report if there are any issues, i have made checks for a lot of combat event scripts to prevent bricking the scenario, but some might have slipped my gaze)
  • 2 new characters
  • character bios
  • a few screen optimizations and ui adjustments
  • bunch of bug fixes
  • a lot of backend adjustments and rewrites that you guys probably don’t care about (i do catalogue them in my discord if anyone is interested)


  • Combat interaction logic rewritten for readability and easier controls
  • Reinforcement battle ui update (Battle duration, next wave timer)
  • 2 Main events
  • 2 Side events
  • New character
  • Bandit encounters expanded
  • More save slots option added
  • Music added
  • Bugfixes and a ton of backend changes for future content

Initial public release

Developer Notes:

Early version of my first game. Not much content now, mainly for the people to try the game and report if there are any issues for me to fix early on. Hop on the discord to share feedback, bug reports or just chat

Game Images & Screenshots


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