Gunpowder Cocktail [Ch.1 Steam] By ByteHog Prime

ByteHog Prime Games released a new game called Gunpowder Cocktail and the version is Ch.1 Steam. The game’s story is about For a young man who has been abandoned by his father and whose family is not well off, finding a bag filled with $500,000 can be very tempting. But if he gets that bag, will his life be as good as he imagined?​

Developer: ByteHog Prime
File Size: 4.52 GB
Version: Ch.1 Steam
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Chapter 1 Steam

2023-07-15 Bonus Episode
Trouble Brat Part 1 – v0.1


  • 401 Renders.
  • 9 Animations.
  • 3 New Locations.
  • Clothing Sim. [W.I.P]

-Cheat Code System added.
*If you edit the Relationships to your liking using the cheat code, some dialogs will proceed differently (no new renders).

  • Hidden Cards( Special Renders ) added.
  • 6 New Hidden Cards.
  • Some UI Improvements.
  • Loading Screen.
  • Better file compression( total game size reduced from 3.65GB to 2.68GB, without quality loss ).

-Some new Free Roam scenes( read the in-game changelog to find out what’s added ):
–>18 Renders
–> 2 Animations ( ≈363 Frames )


  • This update will include about ≈900 renders and ≈15 animations,
  • a bunch of new features(I’ll add them all to the changelog in detail)
  • and 14 new sfx.

Special Episode – Hazel’s Unfortunate Halloween Night

  • ≈200 Renders.
  • 3 Animations.

Developer Notes:

Is NTR Avoidable ? Yep. All NTR or similar fetishes are %100 avoidable.:WeSmart: Also, game has a warning system in choices. If you want, you can have a (*) sign next to the choices that can drag you to NTR or similar paths.:PogChamp: If you don’t choose the path you don’t want to go, the things that will happen when you choose that path will never have happened.

Game Images & Screenshots


Bonus Episodes

Hazel’s Unfortunate Halloween Night (NTR)

The Trouble Brat (NTR)

Christmas Episode

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