I Can’t Receive My Masters’ Rewards [Final] By MAZE

MAZE Games released a new game called I Can’t Receive My Masters’ Rewards and the version is Final. The game’s story is about In order to protect citizens in a small village, there was a rule that an adult master would protect and raise them. Ritos, a young man raised by two masters, Claire and Fuine. He and his childhood friend Borg will take on a “monster hunting” trial. The ritual of hunting monsters is a practical training to measure the ability of the disciples who have been raised. The disciple who achieves results will be rewarded from his master in a form of one request. However, only the first person to pass the trial will be able to ask for a request. Ritos takes on the challenge in order to protect his precious master from Borg’s ulterior motives. Eventually, a distorted desire will begin to emerge…​

Developer: MAZE
File Size: 184 MB
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

  • Characters
    The protagonist, a young man who grew up under the care of two masters. He feels a slight affection and gratitude towards the two, and is trying to achieve results in the trial to be recognized.
    A young man who is a childhood friend of Ritos. He also has feelings for his masters. He is trying to get them to grant him an erotic request in the trial.
    A female warrior from the village. She picked up Ritos and Borg and raised them until they grew up. She has a strong and dignified personality and is trusted by the villagers. She is trying to make her disciples full-fledged warrior in this trial, but…
    A female magician from the village as Claire’s partner and magic master. She has a kind and gentle personality, and often supports Claire. In this trial, she is falterd from Borg’s strong methods.
  • 25 basic CGs There is a switch to unlock all the flashback rooms and events

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