Illusion of Being [v2023-09-13] By True Element Games

True Element Games released a new game called Illusion of Being and the version is 2023-09-13. The game’s story is about An Adult Visual Novel that focuses on a realistic, turbulent, and emotional journey through the eyes of it’s main character. Help lead him through his successes and his troubles while also taking a moment to have a little “fun”! If you wish to get more info on the production and story, please consider visiting our patreon. Link is below.

Developer: True Element
File Size: 3.87 GB
Version: 2023-09-13
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

v2023-09-13 – Steam

  • Hello everyone,
  • We have listened to your feedback and combed through the game to add a Quick Play Mode!
  • It is good for faster plays after your first run of the cinematic version, or if you just do not want the movie-like experience of the original.
  • The number of save slots has also been doubled.
  • Thank you, we appreciate the feedback and opportunity to bring another play style to you.

v1.3 Demo
Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Game Highlighs

  • Branching Story Paths That Matter –
  • Cinematic Presentation –
  • Theatrical Soundtrack –
  • Realistically Modeled Characters That Have Depth And Story Arcs –
  • Almost All Renders Will Be Unique, Extremely Few Repeating Renders –
  • No Reading Exposition While Staring At A Wall For 5 Minutes –
  • Story Based On Real Life Events –
  • Many Unlockable SFW and NSFW Renders –
  • Mini Games –
  • Timed Hidden Object Events To Find Extra Content And Unlockables –
  • Animated Cinematic Stylized H-Scenes –
  • Full Story Will Be 4 Chapters Long –

The main character is a professor at a local community college. He has a wife that he has been with for eleven years, and a nine year old daughter. They have created the normal life that many strive for… nice car, nice house, good jobs….

However, the last year has brought some concern to light for our main character. His wife has become more distant, reserved, and indulgent. He contemplates that he is overthinking it all. When he brings the topic up to his wife, she calls him crazy and states how busy she has been with work. However things are not okay in this seemingly normal suburban home. Our main character discovers his wife’s affair and that is where “Illusion of Being” really digs in.

Our main character is forced to make choices he wishes he never had to. Will he succumb to the depression and possibly upset those who care for him? Will he embrace the single life and have more attention than he ever thought possible? Will he find true love within his new found freedom? As the player, the choices are yours to make… All the rewards as well as possible consequences, are yours to experience….

We would like to say thank you for your interested in Illusion of Being. Your support means the world to us!

Best Regards,

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