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Joody14 Games released a new game called Innventure and the version is v.0.1.1. The game’s story is about Hello. I am working on Innventure (previously knows as Cave Party), a game about being a waitress in an underground tavern, trying to earn yourself freedom. Main Focus: Prostitution, Life-sim elements, Different playable characters. Currently in a very early development stage.

Developer: Joody14
File Size: 71.3 MB
Version: 0.1.1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.1.1 – 2024-02-26

  • New type of clients – middle class. They will offer you more tips and won’t be super mean to you, usually.
  • New chatbox. Saves up to… uhh… 60 messages I think? Useful. Kinda prettier…?
  • Wiki button in the main menu, redirects you to our Innventure’s official wiki page.
  • Flashing the clients will now increase the chance of them sexually interacting with you. You will also see a funny visual effect of hearts floating above their head and their facial expression will change to help you identify the ones who have already been flashed. Flashing is based now.
  • Downstairs job overhaul. You no longer serve drinks automatically. You have to manually choose the desired drink and memorize who ordered what. Use the scroll wheel to select different tray-slots (you have 3), and make sure to serve correct orders, otherwise clients will get irritated quickly.
  • Stamina, flashing, and special bars have been turned into text labels instead.
  • Stamina exhaustion is temporarily cut from the game. It’s the effect that you had when reaching 0 stamina – you lost the ability to run until the stamina went back up to 100%. It is not in the game right now but will make it back at some point!
  • Time overhaul. You no longer have a proper clock at the top of the screen! I changed it to a bar that gets filled, plus you have a small text label to the right of it that tells you exactly how much seconds you’ve got left till the end of the shift. (you can end the shift early by ringing the bell again, it will time-skip you to the end of the day)
  • Downstairs job overhaul X2! You will now earn money for each drink you serve, all of them have a fixed price. At the end of the shift you will be shown how much money you have made, how much was cut due to taxes, and how much went into the COCK INN’s pocket. What’s left is your salary. Tips get left untouched though, which means your sex money and drink-serving tips are yours only.
  • I rewrote all of the text in-game to talk about player in third-person, previously it was in first-person. Just felt like it fits better.
  • DEADLINE. You have SEVEN DAYS to meet your goal. I haven’t really tested if it’s even possible to win the game as some characters, have fun figuring this out haha.
  • The “goals” list should guide you more. Pay attention to it if you got lost, it tells you what you need to do.
  • My todo list tells me that clients shouldn’t sexually interact with you until you start a shift but I’m not sure if I really implemented this one lol.
  • Angry clients (the poor ones, not the middle class ones) will now sometimes try and trip you by sticking their leg out if you SPRINT in front of them! You do fall down, both backwards and forwards, but currently this has no affect on character, just robs your precious seconds. Will get expanded more in the next update.

Bug fixes:

  • – Grabbing drinks that are affected by Efa’s special will no longer crash the game.

Game Images & Screenshots


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