Kasen Yurusmaji! A Innocent Smile and a Dirty Underwear [Final] By Hending

Hending Games released a new game called Kasen Yurusmaji! A Innocent Smile and a Dirty Underwear and the version is Final. The game’s story is abou I have a loving wife. She is a beautiful woman, has an outstanding body and a modest personality. Surely everybody is envious of her. But now I can’t trust her anymore.

It started the day a work colleague showed me that picture. It was an erotic photography posted on a certain social network, it portrayed a woman with a delighted and distorted for pleasure expression. If it were just a unknown person it would be just another erotic picture on the internet, but for me, that woman seemed familiar because she had the same physical characteristics as my wife. Could it be an old photograph of my wife that I don’t know? Or maybe it is recent? Certain day, as I was spending my time immersed in my worried thoughts, my wife returned late at night due to her work. However she reek of booze, and then, from her bag fell a plastic bag, inside there was her panties, soaking wet. The days passed and I was about to reach my limit, doubting and suspecting her. And so, i met a man in a park. He had a fox-like aura, his name was Tokumi Kyonosuke, he was a detective…

Developer: Hending
File Size: 831.7 MB
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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