Kingdom of Subversion [v0.22.4] By Naughty Underworld

Naughty Underworld Games released a new game called Kingdom of Subversion and the version is 0.22.4. The game’s story is about is an adult fantasy RPG, where you take control of a half-goblin outcast. Forced into exile from the Kingdom of Lumis, you join forces with the Queen of the rivaling kingdom, Queen Silvana of Umbras. She grants you new power, that will allow you to subtly infiltrate Lumis and begin to plot its demise.

Developer: Naughty Underworld
File Size: 2.04 GB
Version: 0.22.4
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Content Changes:

  • Calypso doggy animated
  • Drunah doggy animated
  • New oath breaker stone tablet animation
  • More generic scenes added:
    • Orc Dock Worker (Dock District)
    • Sailor’s Wife (Dock District)
    • Market Stall Owner (Trade District)
    • Inn Wife (Lumia – Trade District)

Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
– Fixed black screen issue with Titania’s Total Corruption sequence, Gobboe’s total corruption sequence & Vulsha Reverse Ride


0.19 – Changes:

Content Changes:

  • New party introduction
  • Drunah (Minotaur) progression added

Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where character could get stuck facing a direction
  • Removed the baility to teleport in certain rooms that could cause issues

Added the v0.17 alpha 3 (Bugfix version)


0.13 Public

Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Morati would appear outside while in our party as part of her questline
  • Fixed a bug where the Queen would loop through Morati freedom dialogue (stopping Yennay’s questline)
  • Fixed a bug where you could get stuck inside Ellebon’s fortress by jumping down (
  • Fixed a bug where dimension hop icon would stick on screen

Game Images & Screenshots


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