Life Choices [v0.8.8.65] By Burningsun

Burningsun Games released a new game called Life Choices and the version is The game’s story is about You’ve lived all your life in a small village adjacent to The Lake District. You never really been to a big city as mum and dad told you Liverpool and Manchester were full of dangers. But a week after you turned 17 you’re parents got divorced and you were forced to choose who to live with. There was no right or wrong choice, still whatever choice you wanted to make felt wrong, as if you were cheating on the other parent. So that is the start and a year later Lizzy ends up in Amsterdam. Will she be able to not fall into the dangerous downward spiral of drugs, sex, prostitution and the like? It is up to you.​

Developer: Burningsun
File Size: 1.43 GB
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Version 18/05/24
    Added an option at the start so people can choose what they want or not. At the moment only one option is present; Champagne events, aka Golden shower events. It is not fully functional yet; Well it is, but there are many events that this option has an impact on, so I will likely have missed some. Please let me know so I can fix them.
    Extended the flasher-event in the park a little with one more option if Lizzy has the cumcraze.
    Added the option to choose Lizzy’s age when selecting her Avatar and body. (I put a min/max in, in order to limit the number of options and to be safe for obvious reasons). There are a fair few referrals in the game to Lizzy’s age. I may not have covered all of them and therefore it might be her age is mentioned incorrectly. Let me know if this happens and I will change it.
    Added 3 more Avatars to choose from.
    Phone is back.. still in old format… I tried and failed to update it. maybe next time.
    Updated the Hints section with all the different endings and how to get them.
    Updated the Hints section for the characters Henry, Leo, Mo, Patricia and Raul. Henry, Leo and Patricia need more details which will come at a later stage. – ty BBZ01 for your help!
    You can now safely talk to any person about a job and start with another job without making the jobs disappear. – ty mtq2904229 & VictorHayes
    Fixed an issue where a small event at the park was not accessible. – ty EAngelinaC
    Fixed an issue in the club which could result in a black screen. – ty EAngelinaC & BBZ01
    Fixed a small issue where too much time was added during sex in the glroyhole. – ty EAngelinaC
    Fixed a small error during one of Summer’s encounters. – ty J1215 & thusetro
    Fixed an issue with Mo’s elevator. – ty sosd21
    Updated the hints for Bianca’s encounters. – ty BBZ01
    Lizzy can meet Bibi in the pub for drinks. Just mingling. – ty BBZ01 for the idea.
    Lizzy can now meet a new Character. He is called Cees. Lizzy can meet him in the kitchen. Lizzy can ‘build’ the relationship so far up to 15.
    Fixed a small issue at the club; Lizzy can now only work at the pub during the summer months. ty BBZ01
    Andrei now has a face and an icon as well as his own description in the Hints area.
    When lying on the towel in the park, it now shows a proper image (just the drink) when drinking a Breezer. – ty EAngelinaC
  • Known bugs/issues:
    The makeup tutorial has a grey “Makeup skill improved slightly” and affects $MakeupSkillR which doesn’t have a green +1 Skill notification and doesn’t show on Character Stats until it’s enough to change $MakeupSkill and Lizzie refreshes her makeup. – ty EAngelinaC
    If you have multiple debts due, they aren’t listed on separate lines, so they’ll run together like: ty EAngelinaC
    Fixed an issue where Buswork could only happen on certain trips. Now it can happen on all trips. – ty EAngelinaC

Developer Notes:

Road Map:
V0.8.8.45 – ‘All the small things’ (Est. 25/12/2021)

  • This will be a small update which I plan to release still this year; so on, or before Christmas.
  • It will be a few small updates which should have been in the Mo-storyline update (V0.8.8.40) like:
  • 1. Andrei visiting Lizzy behind the window
  • 2. Possibility for Helen to find out about Lizzy’s side job
  • 3. Mo to visit Lizzy when she is not working
  • And a few more little things like that.

V0.8.8.50 – ‘From Paris with Love!’ (Est. 31/03/2022)

YES, apart from some small stuff, I plan to open up Paris in this update. Obviously, it will not be finished, nor will it be hours of playtime once I open it, but it will be possible for Lizzy to run away to Paris instead of Amsterdam once this update is launched. Paris will have a lot of different stuff happening. Mark my words!

V0.8.8.60 – unknown at this time. Likely Paris updates mixed in with Amsterdam ones.

V0.8.8.70 – ‘I just called’

  • This update would solely be about the introduction (finally) of the phone system. It is a huge piece of work and possible just as big, if not bigger, than the pregnancy update. I want it to work in a few ways:
  • 1. You should be able to call anyone at any time in order to do a number of things; e.g. quit your job, just call for a chat, invite people on a date or for a coffee etc
  • 2. You should be able to be called at any given time by anyone you know. They can call you for a number of reasons; e.g. to invite you for dinner, on a date, to chat, or more interesting stuff like asking for selfies, nude selfies, making you do jobs for them etc etc.
  • As you perhaps can imagine it is a huge piece of work, so it may not come in this update, but it is my goal to do so!

V0.8.8.80 – unknown at this time. Likely Paris updates mixed in with Amsterdam ones.

V0.8.8.90 – ‘Work Sucks – Part 3’
The library job and the Flower job have been ‘upgraded’ already. Now it is time for the other two jobs. Not sure if both will be in this update. It is more likely that there will be a part 4 to the ‘Work Sucks’ updates.

V0.8.9.00 – ‘Knocked Up’

  • This update is about one thing and one thing only; Pregnancy. A lot of stuff is already written for it and a lot of stuff still needs to be written for it and I need to decide for a lot of stuff whether or not it will be possible to go there when pregnant; For sure some areas will not be available while being pregnant e.g the club.
  • The idea for this to work is that obviously Lizzy can get pregnant by anyone at any time depending on cycle and protection levels. The pregnancy needs to get tracked and people need to comment about it when it happens (Oefff big job). It needs to impact on her daily jobs whenever possible and obviously on Lizzy herself. And giving birth needs to be added as well as some endings if things go wrong etc.

Pretty ambitious roadmap I’d say and I’m not sure I’ll pull it all off, but going to try.

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