Little Loki & the Yggdrasil Maze [v1.2] sugar*plum

Download the complete game file of Little Loki & the Yggdrasil Maze 100% free. Developer Team released a game called Little Loki & the Yggdrasil Maze on patreon platform. If you are searching for a working game file that’s available for multiple devices (Windows, Linux, Mac) then you’re in the right place.

Game Details

Developer: sugar*plum
Censored: Yes/No
Language: English
Operating System: Windows

Game Storyline

A hundred years ago, the defeated Demon Lord Loki has now been resurrected! Disregarding the dissuasion of his former subordinates, Loki is determined to reach the Yggdrasil. Faced with powerful enemies, will Loki be able to succeed in seeking revenge?​

Game Images

Little Loki & the Yggdrasil Maze [v1.2] sugar*plum Download Links


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