Lordling of Hearts [v0.0.5] By Nranchs

Nranchs Games released a new game called Lordling of Hearts and the version is 0.0.5. The game’s story is about One strange day, you wake up in the body of Genevave Draakenburcht van de Hogentoren, the greatest fool of a lordling who ever lived. Your spymaster has usurped your throne, the people despise you for Genevave’s actions, your house seeks to finish their botched assassination attempt, and worst of all, Genevave’s mind is in your head with you, and refuses to shut up. Either you will get the subjects of the Draakenburcht on your side, or you will suffer a painful end. Capture their hearts, or die trying.​

Developer: Nranchs
File Size: 31.2 MB
Version: 0.0.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added map-targeting system on desktop devices
  • Added hotkeys for various map actions
  • Added ability for AOE skills to target non occupied tiles (using map-targeting)
  • Added a quit button to the main menu on desktop devices
  • Added navigation compass scale slider
  • Added 3 pieces of fetishwear equipment
  • Added massive breasts variants for all torso clothing
  • Added massive breasts chest option for characters (can only be accessed through potions and skills)
  • Added 4 bodymod potions
  • Added shop interface
  • Added Garter the Alchemist, plus a large amount of dialogue
  • Added Heaven’s Draft Quest
  • Added a bunch of Alice the Office angel dialogue
  • Added 3 sex scenes
  • Magic missile now fires 1 additional bolts
  • Changed Investigate into Look and replaced the icon with an eye to differentiate it from the Inspect skill
  • Afflictions now display in the reverse order that they were obtained
  • Inventory next/previous page buttons no long reset the scroll position
  • Boss stats now reset after leaving their arenas
  • Old sex scenes now have custom text for having none or both genitalia
  • Fixed inventory page not clamping properly when changing item category
  • Fixed Order of Purity mook blocking the alchemist shop’s dialogue from potentially triggering twice
  • Fixed pregnancy stats displaying on non-lust targets
  • Fixed wandering NPCs blocking the way, they now swap places with the player
  • Fixed broken Magic Missile particle effect
  • Fixed Health Flask and Life stat colors to better match the healthbar
  • Fixed autosaves displaying in wrong order
  • Various typos have been fixed due to the generous contributions of Night, Simsim05, and RadTad

Initial Public Release

Developer Notes:

Lordling of hearts is an erotic fantasy text-RPG, with deeply interwoven mechanics, an endearing cast, and a cozy comedy plot!

Game Images & Screenshots

Win (x64)

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