Lucid Lust [v0.3.4 Public] By Lucid Lust

Lucid Lust Games released a new game called Lucid Lust and the version is 0.3.4 Public. The game’s story is about Lucid Lust an adult software to create, share and play 100% customizable adult scenarios.​

Developer: Lucid Lust
File Size: 2.71 GB
Version: 0.3.4 Public
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.1.2 to v0.3.4 Public Release

NEW: Full Mac support with custom installer!

New Options & Content:

  • Hair Window: Added a Trimming Slider
  • Hair Window: Added 5 Eyebrows Styles
  • Hair Window: Added 5 Eyelashes Styles
  • Skin Window: Added 10 Face Details
  • Skin Window: Added 14 Body Details
  • Eyes Window: Added 11 Iris Styles
  • Eyes Window: Added 3 Eyeball Styles
  • Makeup Window: Added 6 Eyeshadows
  • Makeup Window: Added 6 Eyeliners
  • Makeup Window: Added 6 Blush
  • Makeup Window: Added 9 lipsticks
  • Makeup Window: Added 300+ makeup colors
  • Body Art Window: Added new piercing zones (Ear Middle + Ear Top)
  • Body Art Window: Added 300+ piercings options
  • Replaced old “glass” materials with cool-looking “neon” materials
  • Pose Window: Added/Replaced 27 expressions

Graphics Improvements:

  • Hair are improved by a lot, can always see when far and are more optimized
  • The hair opacity is not bugged anymore, whatever your GPU
  • New and better scalp textures for every Lucid Girl haircut
  • Scalp Color is now more accurately following Hair Root Color
  • Drastically improved eye reflection and how their refraction works
  • Girls ears holes and nostrils interiors are now fully black
  • Improved the Clothing System with an anti-vertex clipping system
  • Improved dynamic lighting
  • Improved volumetric lights


  • Audio settings are not ignored outside of the Main Menu anymore
  • Changed the Main Menu music

Changes and Progress:

  • Girl Creator is now v1.0, meaning that codes made now will work with Lucid Lust v1.0
  • Girl Creator Outfit has been changed
  • Lucid Lust credits every supporter now, no matter if active or former
  • Credit name size will directly depend on your lifetime money given amount
  • Revamped the mood system to be compatible with the upcoming custom animation system
  • Main Menu Settings previous bugs are now fixed
  • More graphics options were added

Developer Notes:

What is Lucid Lust?
Lucid Lust is an adults-only game that offers a highly customizable and immersive storytelling experience. With Lucid Lust, players will have the opportunity to create their own customized characters, outfits, and scenarios from scratch, directly within the game. The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your own creativity (and lust)!

Who is Lucid Lust for?
Whether you’re an imaginative creator or a player, Lucid Lust has something to offer. With Lucid Lust, you can both create and play interactive stories featuring your own customized characters, or explore scenarios created by other players.
If someone made a character you like, just copy its code inside your game, and “voilà!”, you can now put this character in any depraved scenario.

Lucid Lust state-of-the-art features :

  1. Adaptive animation and collision system that scales with bones and morphs in real-time.
  2. Customizable clothing that dynamically fits the character’s body.
  3. Optimized multi-layered textures for extensive character skin customization.
  4. Real-time simulation of sticky liquids with high viscosity.
  5. Advanced scenario editor with an easy-to-use branching system for creating scenarios with multiple paths.
  6. Dynamic dialogue system with customizable variables that adapt to the player’s choices.
  7. Sophisticated code generator to effortlessly share and import in-game creations.

Why Unity and not Unreal?

  1. I’m a solo developer and need an engine where I can control everything by myself.
  2. I’ve been a full-time Unity developer in France for 4 years now (it’s my current day job).

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