Lust Academy [S3 v3.7.1d] By Bear in the Night

Bear in the Night Games released a new game called Lust Academy and the version is S3 3.7.1d. The game’s story is about You playing as a normal 18 y.o. the guy whose life is about to change forever! You’ll find out about the whole world full of magic and adventure that awaits you at Cordale – the oldest academy of magic and wizardry in the New World. The most important thing: don’t forget to get to know other students and teachers! We’re sure you’ll find most of them… charming!​

Developer: Bear in the Night
File Size: 3.52 GB
Version: S3 3.7.1d
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added atmospheric sound design for 3.7.1 scenes.
  • Rewritten and proofread some dialogues.
  • Fixed some typos and other minor bugs.

Season 3 – 3.6.1d

  • Added atmospheric sound design for 3.6.1 scenes.
  • Reworked some animations and renders.
  • Rewritten and proofread some dialogues.
  • Fixed some typos and other minor bugs.

Now, playing Lust Academy season 3 v3.6.1d you can expect for the following content:

  • Added 22 new exciting scenes for Sandbox and Visual Novel versions.
  • More than 980 new top-quality renders and animations.
  • Added new locationsRail Station and Martha’s House.
  • Added new episodes with Penny and Genevieve to the Gallery.
  • Added 10 new Lustagram photos.
  • Added atmospheric sound design for 3.6.1 scenes.
  • Reworked some animations and renders.
  • Rewritten and proofread some dialogues.
  • Fixed some typos and other minor bugs.

Season 3 v3.1.1 beta

Here’s what’s different from the alpha version:

  • Added Visual Novel mode for all scenes from ver. 3.1.1.
  • Added improved atmospheric Sound Design.
  • Reworked some faulty renders.
  • Fixed some minor bugs and typos.

Overall with the new changes, here’s what you might expect playing Lust Academy season 3 v3.1.1b:

  • 20 interesting scenes in MC’s hometown.
  • About 800 new beautiful renders.
  • Improved atmospheric Sound Design.
  • 18 hot 60fps HD animations with OliviaEvelyn, and Irena.
  • Visual Novel mode for all scenes from ver. 3.1.1.
  • Save the transfer option from Season 2.

Lust Academy [Season 2 v1.11.1d] [Bear in the Night]

This is officially the end of Season 2 and will be the last build.
This release provides a lot of essential fixes aimed to polish Season 2 to perfection, alongside the core feature – save transfer for Season 3. Here are the details:

  • Added Save transfer function so you can keep your progress in Season 3.
  • Simplified puzzle mini-game. Now it’s much easier to see all the prizes!
  • Fixed minor bugs with sounds and music.
  • Fixed a lot of typos and faulty English in dialogues.

With the changes from delta, Lust Academy version 1.11 includes:

  • Added 22 new exciting scenes for both Sandbox and Visual Novel versions.
  • More than 900 new top-quality renders.
  • 96 new beautiful Full HD 60fps animations.
  • Added 4 new scenes to the Gallery.
  • Added Save transfer function.
  • Simplified puzzle mini-game.
  • Fixed a lot of typos and faulty English in dialogues.
  • And a few other minor bugfixes.

That is a lot of content, but we hope you’ll enjoy it! With these additions, we’re more than glad to mark the end of Season 2 and move to create Lust Academy Season 3 prologue!

Developer Notes:

Hi! We are Bear In The Night — a small team of motivated indie game developers! We love adult visual novels and are currently creating one! Our project is called “Lust Academy” and it’s no secret that we were heavily inspired by the Harry Potter books and The Magicians tv series. Lust Academy – is a story-driven 3d visual novel where you play as a young 18-years guy who has just found that he is a wizard! We want to create and give you guys a premium-quality game. Right now we have a lot of plans for the future and an unlimited bag of ideas, including all the naughty ones!
Planned content:

  • open world with an option to choose what girl you want to spend time with
  • new very hot characters (ebony/Asian/curve/MILF/fantasy creatures)
  • all types of sex (oral/anal/hardcore/threesome)
  • Interesting mini-games and side activities without the grind
  • optional Fem/Dom experience
  • completely optional Futa/Trans and Gay content
  • NO NTR planned

Game Images & Screenshots

Season 3:

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