Lust Odyssey [v0.26.3] By Xperiment

Xperiment Games released a new game called Lust Odyssey and the version is 0.26.3. The game’s story is about You waking up in a spacecraft, alone and naked. And what’s worse, with no memories. You’ll have to advance through the story to discover who you are as you uncover conspiracies, discover new races, or make difficult decisions. But you will find that the truth about you is not as obvious as it seems. The end of this game is already thought, but everything in between is yet to be seen, will you join me in this adventure so we can shape it?

Developer: Xperiment
File Size: 379.8 MB
Version: 0.26.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


To access the new content talk to Holoryx > Prepare the battlefield. Follow the quest to the end. 4 different variations, depending on whether you allied with Galiano or Garth and who you choose during the mission. If you are Feraldo’s omega I recommend you to lose the fights of this mission.

After completing the mission the elevator button will appear downtown on the second floor. We will be able to talk to Garth, Galiano, Nikolaos, and Holoryx after the mission. Each route will change the answers of these 4 characters.

You can now buy Jhaan.
Galiano has been the chosen character this month, so you will see he has more content than the rest.
Dominant bottoms can now dominate Galiano. The “Make him your bitch” option will be available for them. The requirements are the same as for tops:

  • Not having accepted to be his bitch.
  • To be dom bottom.
  • Degradation must be enabled.
  • At least 10 points of respect in Akra.
  • Have completed the mission “A Battle For Power” at the beginning of the game.
  • The option will not appear if you already dominate him as a top.

The Akra First floor background has been updated. Once Garth or Vexus/Galiano have won the election and some time has passed the posters and ads will be removed.
The dominant top route of The Pulse striper is finally finished.

New sprites for Jhaan, Diego Cortés and Nikolaos.


2 new songs to ask DJ Kafka.

Fixed a bug that prevented activating the scene with Feraldo in version 0.25 if you accessed the VIP area through Thuul.
Rylan and Chip’s scene did not take into account Rylan’s chastity cage. Now it does.
Rylan and Chip’s scene made you dirty as a top dom.
Implemented better closing of combat animations. If you still see animations when loading games please report it.
When paying to enter The Pulse set the player’s money to -200 instead of subtracting it.
Fixed a bug that prevented advancing in the quest of hacking new life by going through Holoryx’s path instead of Seline’s path.
Fixed a bug in the flow script when asking about The Silky Club.
Fixed a graphic bug of Elion’s sprite in a certain scene in the club.
Fixed another error in Zyron’s answers during his first combat.
Fixed combat errors when applying effects like “burn” to an enemy.
Fixed several typos throughout the game.
A lizard didn’t disappear from the screen after a certain conversation on the pirate ship.
Fixed a script error in a conversation with Chip.
At the end of any combat, it was possible to click on ‘attack’ when all the enemies were defeated, causing an error. Now the combat screen will be hidden after each attack preventing us from unintentionally clicking on it. This measure is temporary while I make the necessary modifications.


You can now talk to DJ Kafka (necessary to advance the main story) and the asshole bartender at The Pulse.

Several scenes have been implemented on the dance floor at The Pulse, these scenes are randomized. The “Asmodeo” option that appeared before has been removed, instead, Asmodeo will appear randomly when you go to the dance floor. To do this we must have visited him in the downtown area (Akra’s second floor) and kissed him in that scene.

The Pulse – VIP zone is now available. There are several characters to talk to, although there is still a lot of work to be done in this area. These new characters will have sprites, starting in the next version.

It requires -80 respect points on Akra or +80 to access the VIP area. Talk to DJ Kafka to know more. For those who are not willing or able to modify their respect, you can talk to Thuul, if you are his slave he can take you there on Friday and Saturday nights. The rest of the players can sneak into his office and steal the pass. But this will affect your relationship with him in the future.

There is now an alternative route to sneak into the New Life facility by talking to Holoryx instead of agreeing to help Seline (the lady asking for her son in the streets of Akra).

Zyron Alvarez, the OC of the winner of the last raffle has been implemented.

After unlocking the VIP area of The Pulse, Feraldo awaits you on your ship for a small conversation. If you did not recruit Feraldo at the time, he still appears and you will have a second chance to do it. After this scene Zyron Alverez, the new character will appear. You have to wait a day since you talked to Feraldo, and you may have to go to Akra and back to your ship a couple of times.

New store in the commercial district where you can buy and sell the fancy clothing, in case you miss your date with Rylan and you want to be presentable to meet Diego Cortés.

New character – Zyron Alverez.

New track at The Pulse –> Doggy Style


  • I have played the game from start to end and some small changes have been made here and there, probably unnoticeable for most games. A few bugs have been fixed, but the main fixes are about conversations happening prematurely, conversations happening twice, and this sort of thing.
  • Fixed a bug that caused jumping to a scene with Asmodeo when talking to the asshole waiter in The Pulse.
  • Fixed a bug when showing Bradley’s ass sprite.
  • Fixed Thuul appearing naked when meeting him.



Side quest – Save Seline’s Son.

To continue this quest: Akra Second Floor > Commercial District > New Life. “Ask for Levi” then “Hack the system”. If we manage to advance in this quest more content will be unlocked when we return to the city.

Several conversations will be activated after this point with various characters in the city to talk about what happened.

Combat against 2 Cyberthugs is now the default combat against Cyberthugs, therefore the option to fight against 2 Cyberthugs has been removed. Now use the default option “Kick their asses”. As they are part of the main content their stats have been reduced so they can be defeated at low levels.

  • Now we can submit to the slut-machine even if we win the fight.
  • Now we can offer Rylan to the slut-machine.

The flow script in the relationship with Egon has been improved. Now Egon will not duplicate conversations every time we finish working in the club. If we reject any of his advances he will not spend more time with us after closing The Club and the relationship with him will be blocked. The same if we accept his advances, we will only have the first conversation once. From the second one onwards, there is a new conversation in which it is hinted that the MC has to go after the pirates to advance in the relationship. Now, if we have a relationship with him and betray Galiano he won’t be so angry.


  • Jail (Akra first floor). Galiano will appear here if we betray him. You can talk to him but submissive bottoms will find an interesting addition.
  • The Pulse (Akra second floor). Now you can access this location through the map. It appears after talking to Orion. Some scenes can be triggered here, but you’ll find some WIPs after them.

* The special scene that gives us access to the club by giving a blowjob can be repeated in the Dreamer.


Sentinel NL-12 – Found in the New Life facility. (Accessible through the mission: Save Seline’s Son. This enemy is the first to cast area attacks, plus a new type of attack that first charges and releases in the next turn, so you may encounter bugs. This battle is very difficult, remember to buy pills, and use skills. If we win by lust we can offer Chip to them and see his new sprites.


Now Chip can go with you to fight, as well as Rylan, talk to him on the ship. The pills won’t work on him, you will have to talk to Katari or Alastor to repair him.

Now Katari’s “How are the repairs going?” question will remain illuminated until the mission is fully completed.

Rylan will leave your group when you access the second level of Akra since he does not have access to this level.

Combats adapted to the new system:

  • Sub-Guh’Nir Alpha. Now we can relive this combat through the Dreamer.

The fight scenes against Galiano (accessible through the Dreamer) have been adapted if Rylan is wearing a chastity cage.

New background music for Iacchus House and Ra’Kash/Silent Plains


To access this scene we just have to talk to him on the ship and then go to Ra’Kash in Sithyrya. The only requirement is to have defeated The Warlord. This scene has a second part that is still in progress, I hope to have it done for the 0.24.1 version that will be released next week.


  • New background: The Pulse
  • Chip’s sprites showing his ass
  • New combat animations (laser and machine gun)
  • Sentinel N-12



Electric Pulse – First background music for The Pulse.


New Scene – The best lube money can buy part 3.

This is a long and very extreme scene. So you need the following crew members: Feraldo, Bradley, Rylan, Phoenix, Alastor, and Katari. Remember to finish all the Galactic Union missions you have half finished to make them available.

The kinks you will need to have enabled are Fisting, Bondage, Degradation, and Cum Playing. Optionally: Pissing.

If you meet the requirements, the scene will be activated 7 days after the previous one by pressing the “Sleep” option in your bedroom.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed to talk to Arthur without having recruited him after buying Chip’s body.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when serving the gang three times, being the first two times dressed normally and the last naked or slutty.
  • Fixed a bug when arousing a cyberthug and killing it afterward, preventing it from disappearing from the screen.
  • When using jars of semen in combat on your teammates, they were not discounted from the inventory.


For version 0.25 I will continue adding content to The Pulse and advancing in the main story. A new character will appear who is the winner of the Tier Weaver of December and will be directly related to the main story. I will continue to complete the WIPs I have left behind and adapt more fights to the new system. I would also like to implement some of the suggestions you have sent through Discord that I found interesting.

Game Images & Screenshots


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