Magical Girl Otometia [v1.03] By X-ROOM

X-ROOM Games released a new game called Magical Girl Otometia and the version is 1.03. The game’s story is about “Magical Girl Otometia” is the successor of the legendary hero “Magical Girl Arcana Maiden” who can no longer fight. She fights against the evil organization “Nonotix”‘ under the instructions of her senior, Arcana Maiden! …However, Arcana Maiden was actually the leader of Nonotix and the mastermind! Her fights are secretly filmed and broadcast live to the whole country for money! Will Otometia, the “magical girl” created by Nonotix, be able to find the truth at the end of the battle? Or will she be defeated by the enemy and exposed in front of the camera…? ※Don’t worry, even if you win, you will be exposed in an embarrassing state.

Developer: X-ROOM
File Size: 1.12 GB
Version: 1.03
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Images & Screenshots


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