Milfy Cases: Damsels in Distress [v0.017] By Big Chungus Productions

Big Chungus Productions Games released a new game called Milfy Cases: Damsels in Distress and the version is 0.017. The game’s story is about A recent college graduate, Chad (name customizable) landed a sweet job chronicling the local ecology next to a modern cabin on the lake. Then one stormy night, a fateful meeting changed everything. When Chad awoke, he was laying in a field, not far from his Landlady’s house. Meeting with her is a local detective, investigating the tragedy that not only destroyed MC’s rental but everything he owned. Luckily, the attractive detective Jenny isn’t pursuing Chad as a suspect, and even better, Mary (name customizable) graciously allows MC to continue his rental agreement by taking a spare bedroom in her house … banner pending :BootyTime:

Developer: Big Chungus Productions
File Size: 2.63 GB
Version: 0.017
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • About six thousand words of new story, including the revamped prologue, editorial changes throughout, and of course, the latest chapter.
  • 250+ images, including a few animations
  • 90+ new audio files…yes, that’s right, there’s the most audio I’ve ever added to a single update, since I went and retooled everything from the very beginning. I believe this makes it far more immersive, but you tell me.
  • Last but not least, spelling, grammar, and other fixes from the beginning, which were more than a few, and an image or two that wasn’t right, etc.


  • Improvements to the intro, beginning text, and more changes in the first few updates as I scrubbed for poor quality audio, story improvements, and more.
  • About four thousand new words of story
  • 211 new high quality images
  • Eight different animations, one in a kissing scene, and another smaller animation elsewhere
  • 34 new sound effects, bringing the total to 113, vs the previous edition total of 79
  • Multiple new scenes, solid character development, and story continuity improvements to ensure that the narrative is consistent where there was some issues with the job referring to his losing it before with the various characters.
  • The release notes from the .013 edition are here for reference.
  • Updated Sept 4th with a minor word change as pointed out I had “forbidding,” which should have been “foreboding.” If you see any spelling, word choice, etc, or other issues, I’m always happy to fix them. Thank you!
  • Edit updated Sept 17th fixed multiple spelling, grammar, and other bugs.
  • Edit Sept 24th, I’ve added French and Traditional Chinese versions.

So what’s new?

  • 211 static images, bringing the new total in game to 1,010 plus.
  • 20 animations between two different sexy scenes featuring MC & Mary in one, and a new scene with Sally & MC in the other.
  • Five thousand words of story – total is now just about twenty-one thousand words.
  • New variables – those should work fine with the function I added, but let me know if any saves have issues.
  • 10 new sound effects for the two new animated scenes & others, as well as 4 new songs in this update.


  • Bug fixes, edits, and other assorted items.
  • 170 new renders, and 11 new animations.
  • Another 3,500 or so words of story, scenes, and plot.
  • Introducing not one but *two* new characters (however, one of the two doesn’t have any dialogue in this episode – he will have lines in a future update).
  • 11 new sound effects and a few of the existing songs repeat in the game now where it made sense for a few scenes.
  • Also updated the function so (hopefully?) old saves will work with the latest new variables that were added to the game.
  • If you’d like to see the older release notes for .011 here.

And, a few more updates to the .012 edition (since there isn’t any new content in English, I wanted to keep the same version number.

  • European Spanish translation
  • Simplified Chinese translation
  • Removed customization of everything except Chad (Main character), Alice, Sally, and Mary’s names. Other customization elements were removed in this version due to the incompatibility with translation efforts.
  • Older saves might not work – aiming to make sure they work better for the next .013 update.
  • The updates above are already in the latest version with the links below. Cheers!

Game Images & Screenshots


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