MonMusu Paradise [vA0.86] By MonMusu Paradise

MonMusu Paradise Games released a new game called MonMusu Paradise and the version is A0.86. The game’s story is about After worked like a literal slave for miniscule wage, the story starts upon a young man slapped his boss with a resignation letter. Everything changed when he got a letter about his family making him the heir of a resort island from the Grandfather. What awaiting him though is not the sweet nectar of just playing around. Because of his all oh so knowing uncle that swiped this chance when he was just finished high school, the island is in ruins without any sign of humans… though there’s others that bring him into a literal hell different from his old workplace, now he must persevere and bring back the greatness of his grandfather’s golden time.

Developer: MonMusu Paradise
File Size: 699.1 MB
Version: A0.86
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Initial F95 Release

Developer Notes:


  • Simulation RPG of building a ghost resort into amusement park
  • Gathering, Foraging, and Creating Resources
  • Finish the quest to get more monster girls into the dorm
  • More gameplay with more chapters unlocked


  • Pixel animations beautifully drawn by our artists.
  • Win and fuck through the racial difference
  • in short make your own the Greatest Lewd Park you can make

In here we will have the changes of what we envision it on the next few months, hopefully you guys like it.

  • Starting Chapter 2 -> Character Graphics Upgrade
  • Bigger Zoomed in Sex Scene
  • Environmental Upgrade

Game Images & Screenshots

Cheat Code: p4ra1s0


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