My Early Life [Episode 7.04] By CeLaVie Group

CeLaVie Group Games released a new game called My Early Life and the version is Episode 7.04. The game story is about This story takes place in the early years of Bob’s life. His dad just died in an accident with his new girlfriend. Bob and her 3 daughters are suddenly without parents and Bob’s dad just bought an expensive house. They decide to stay together but the money is small. Bob gets an opportunity to earn money. Follow Bob in his fifth adventure with his 3 gorgeous ‘siblings’​

Developer: CeLaVie Group
File Size: 2.14 GB
Version: Episode 7.04
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Episode 7

Episode 6

  • This is by far the largest update I ever have made. More than 2500 new high resolution images are implemented in this update.
  • More than 400 new subevents are added to this update.

Episode 1

  • First episode of the story of my early life.
  • This is my largest project ever with many hours of gameplay.
  • I have done my utmost to implement as much as possible of all the wishes and requirements I have received over the years.
  • In ‘Stat’ in upper left corner you’ll get help if you get stuck.

A short introduction to the game
Initial Release

Game Images & Screenshots

Win: – 2.1 GB
Linux: Myearlylife-7.06-linux.tar.bz2 – 2.1 GB
Mac: – 2.1 GB
Android: – 2.2 GB

Android: – 1.3 GB



# 3dcg# Male Protagonist# No Sexual Content# sandbox

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