My Psychologist [v0.02] By Mertian

Mertian Games released a new game called My Psychologist and the version is 0.02. The game’s story is about You are a broken, depressed student who is dealing with mental issues, you are trying your best to heal but no help until you find her. She seems to have weird psychological techniques… She will try her best to fix you, do you believe in Dr. Cady ?​

Developer: Mertian
File Size: 839.4 MB
Version: 0.02
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

New Scenes !

  • Added a naked Facesitting Smother / Facefucking Grinding Scene.
    Added a Pov Pussy Licking scene.
    Added Sniffing Cady’s Used Underwear scene.
    Added Sniffing Cady’s Sweaty Heel scene.
    Added Sniffing Cady’s Naked Feet scene.
  • New Maps !
    Added numerous dusk street maps.
    Added Cady’s Family Mansion “Whiteley Mansion”
  • New Soundtracks !
    Started making my music for the game ! “Waiting room and Toilet themes are changed”
  • New System Changes !
    Added Cellphone to the game ! now you can call and message people that you have their numbers !
    Volumed up Cady’s Voice lines !
  • New Gameplay Changes !
    To make the game feel a little bit alive people will say random things when you enter somewhere.
    Cady, The cats and our lovely Ai Lady will now tell different things !
    Made the bus travel system with money, you need 500 dollars in order to fast travel Bus Stop to Bus Stop !
  • Bugs ?
    Thankfully the first version was bugless ! and I made sure this version is bugless as well, but do tell if you encounter one and I will fix it !
  • Note : Requires a new fresh game, your old saves would work but not the way indented since I put new system’s like phone, start a new game and enjoy.

First Release

Developer Notes:

ello, I just started making this game, my artist is drawing with pencil on paper since we love the cartoonish vibe on it, we are inspired from the game called the wolf among us if you played, we inspired it’s art style and i will make the game with this art style, have fun playing ~

Game Images & Screenshots


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