Naela’s Journey [v0.1.18] By AraAra

AraAra Games released a new game called Naela’s Journey and the version is 0.1.18. The game’s story is about on a new adventure in searching for her brother, capturing and training monsters along her path. As she gets closer to finding her big brother, the truth about her family ancestor also comes to light.​

Developer: AraAra
File Size: 399.6 MB
Version: 0.1.18
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Pregnant variant of the Innkeeper and Naela scene is now available! Rest a day at the Inn to trigger the next phase!


  • After Naela met the mayor of Rose Hills, she can speak with the Innkeeper for a totally new scene between the two of them!


  • New Story Event! Meet Roses Hill’s Mayor
  • A rename option is now available! Find it by right-clicking a monster in the menu
  • Fixed Monsters having attacks duplicate
  • If Monsters have no damaging attacks, Slap will now be automatically added to their kit
  • Shockwave now has it’s own animation fitting the artstyle!
  • It’s now possible to toggle Horny Infection Sprites when the quest is completed
  • Found out why Horny Infection could not be completed and fixed it
  • Found out that the file containing the bank of names for the name generator was magically gone(fixed)
  • Fixed the dialogue during the intro cinematic not ending properly
  • Fixed Berserker Trait not applying its bonus correctly


  • Minotaur Male now has an animation in doggy
  • Faun Male now has an animation in doggy
  • Goblin Male now has an animation in doggy
  • Northern Werecat Male not having its icon inside breed panel fixed
  • Small tweak to position choosing in the breed panel
  • Werewolf Male now has its third size penis unique sprite (was just a resized sprite)
  • Tweaked Icons inside the breed menu so it’s easier to search for the right gender
  • Updated Backgrounds and Locations Icons to a more consistent art style
  • Days Passed now count from morning instead of at Sunrise to avoid skipping counting days when sleeping
  • Fixed attacks not keeping their saved position
  • Found out a sprite went missing from game files, so if you met an empty space, it’s this on
  • Attack now correctly know if you already one instance of an attack when leveling up
  • Fixed enemy monster often skipping a turn when player swapped monster


  • Northern Werecat F now has her own cowgirl scene! Find it in the breeding pen
  • Added Northern Werecat Male to the game!
  • Fixed size change not saving
  • Couple more fix, which I forgot to note here…


  • Not perfect but Clay&Naela vs Eness scene is almost complete
    -Northern Werecat(F) sprite has been finalized
  • Added Wild Pregnancy function, it’s now possible to encounter already pregnant monsters
  • Polished Rose Hills map
  • Added a setting to allow/stop water animation

Developer Notes:

This is the game I’m building during my free time and the game I want to share with you guys. I hope you will enjoy and feedback is much appreciated!

Game Images & Screenshots


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