NDNL3-No Dog, No Life- [v1.1] By sumisumi-dou

sumisumi-dou Games released a new game called NDNL3-No Dog, No Life and the version is 1.1. The game’s story is about From experiencing the ecstasy of being caressed by a dog’s tongue for the first time, the protagonist, Fushiko, became deeply involved in daily sexual activities. They also participated in monitoring the upgrade of medical-grade modified parts and software, leading to increasingly intense acts. Various items and other dog breeds were added, and skills were also added to the virtual dogs. As Fushiko’s mind and body gradually became linked to the parameters of the VR game, they found themselves bewildered. However, already unable to escape from pleasure, Fushiko began to accept humiliating acts and gradually reversed the master-servant relationship with the virtual dog, eventually being corrupted into a female dog. Eventually, the line between virtual reality and reality became blurred, and Fushiko, indulging in the pleasure of bestiality, was drawn into a abyss of animal love, even in real life.​

Developer: sumisumi-dou
File Size: 1.14 GB
Version: 1.1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Implemented flashback function
  • Added training scenes/character parameters (including indication of pregnancy possibility)

Developer Notes:

The “Pet Dog Life VR” game, which was supposed to allow players to interact and play with a virtual pet dog, had a “hidden mode”. Players could feel the sensation and weight when interacting with the virtual dog, and became addicted to the warmth of the interaction. As they searched for ways to increase the “affection level” with their virtual pet, they encountered a message stating “This area is for adults only” and the option to activate the “hidden mode”.

[Character Introduction]
Yoriko Fushiko C.V. Yui Momonogi

The heroine of this story. She is struggling with a certain illness and has been living as a recluse, avoiding contact with people. However, she becomes deeply involved in a VR game and encounters the pet app “Dog Life VR.”

[Training SLG]

  • This game is a training simulation game where the heroine plays in a VR space, and various actions will cause parameters to grow.
  • The heroine’s “impression system” is equipped with a feature that changes character titles based on parameters, allowing the heroine to read out her own parameters.

Game Images & Screenshots


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