New Life Project [v0.5.5] By Nota Bao

Nota Bao Games released a new game called New Life Project and the version is 0.5.5. The game’s story is about You are a young and beautiful 18-year-old girl from Riverton Heights, woken up unbeknownst to where she is. Can you survive with no recollection of your past?​

Developer: Nota Bao
File Size: 614.1 MB
Version: 0.5.5
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • If a character broke up with you because you didn’t spend enough time with them, they will now no longer instantly break up with you after you ask them to date you again.
  • Chloe’s love stat will now increase with certain interactions in her apartment.
  • More chances to increase Otto’s love stat during day dates.
  • Added option to quit the gym manager job in the managers office
  • Fixed the gym staff room disappearing after becoming gym manager
  • Working in the alley will no longer throw you onto the street after ending a session, but will return you to the alley instead to let you keep working.
  • Showering at Chloe’s will now take up one time block if Chloe enters
  • You can no longer shower at night at Chloe’s
  • If you’ve already had the bar job, and are requesting to get your job back, you’ll get a different text.
  • Added a new intro to the game! This will allow you to explore a bit more as well as decide for yourself whether or not you want to start out with a job and/or with an apartment. It also allows you to go to the hospital in the very beginning to speak with a doctor about your situation.
  • Added a new item to the grocery store – the tent! Set up camp in the park and sleep there, but only if you’ve slept on a bench there before. The tent will only show once you’ve slept in the park at least once before.
  • Sleeping on a bench in the park requires you to be homeless.
  • Constantin will now no longer be at both the safehouse and the cottage at seemingly the same time.
  • Added 7 new images
  • Nerdy specs
    • 78.926 words! (Patron version)
    • 6.991 words added!
    • 675 passages (Patron version)
    • 62 passages added!
  • Special thanks to Taulion for playtesting and helping with this update!


  • Added the day date to OC. Gave OC a name. Otto! It’ll be easier to refer to him later on. Otto means “wealthy” The day date for OC will have a bit more interactive start.
  • Added “Skip day” button to cheat menu.
    • There’s now a combined 58 different functions to the cheat menu and dev tools combined.
  • Fixed hosting staff meetings. If you sleep too many days it will now still go into the negatives, but you can still host a staff meeting. Added some flavor text if you allow it to reach below zero
  • Changed the code to the stat tracker in regards to “Get absolutely lost in mental trauma” and “Explore the library” as well as “Get noticed by some shady types”. These will now unlock accordingly and should also apply to returning players that has already done what is needed and haven’t yet received the unlocks.
  • Added gym manager position to the Sunspilled bay newspaper!
  • Added some flavor text to working at the cafe, while doing dishes. These texts include two more events to this one particular task.
  • Optimized the text for the cafe dish task, effectively removing 2480 characters
  • Added some flavor text to working at the cafe, while clearing tables. This text includes one event to this particular task.
  • Added option to use a toy during jerkoff.
  • Reconstructed some parts of the code for better backend work.
  • Started implementation of new stat balancing and deployment system.
  • Added 15 new images
  • Nerdy specs
    • 71.935 words! (Patron version)
    • 1.880 words added!
    • 613 passages (Patron version)
    • 12 passages added!
  • Special thanks to Taulion for playtesting and helping with this update!


  • Added an event to doing yoga at the gym. The instructor will help you personally if he thinks you need it, and if you’re aroused enough, you can reciprocate.
  • Added an event to lifting weights at the gym. A random gym goer will help spot you during your lift. If you’re aroused enough, you can instigate some fun time.
  • Added generic names to NPCs. I.e “Janine the Receptionist” to induce better immersion.
  • Added your old phone! View some saucy pics and read your old texts here.
    • Added pin code to the player section of the old computer in the mansion basement.
  • Gave the therapist a name. Tim! Changed some generic words.
  • Added more steps to seducing the bouncer. You’ll start by flashing him, and given enough corruption, arousal and a lowered inhibition, you’ll be able to go further. Maybe he will let you in now? (He won’t)
  • Watching memes on your phone will now advance time, making it an effective way of skipping ahead of time instead of having to go home to nap.
  • Added a whitespace to the memes passage.
  • Added some text if you’ve chosen Guy start to the player section of the old computer in the mansion basement
  • Added image to underground kidnapping room.
  • Added hints for the PIN code.
    • Hints will be hidden when no longer necessary.
  • Added code to check which hints you’ve seen. Displays additional hints after some time.
  • Added a special hint for Patrons.
  • Your old phone will remember your last input PIN code!
  • Added 36 images!
  • Nerdy specs
    • 70.055 words! (Patron version)
    • 1.489 words added!
    • 601 passages (Patron version)
    • 25 passages added!
  • Special thanks to Taulion for playtesting and helping with this update!

Game Images & Screenshots


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