New Life Project [v0.6patch] By Nota Bao

Nota Bao Games released a new game called New Life Project and the version is 0.6patch. The game’s story is about You are a young and beautiful 18-year-old girl from Riverton Heights, woken up unbeknownst to where she is. Can you survive with no recollection of your past?​

Developer: Nota Bao
File Size: 705.3 MB
Version: 0.6patch
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Patch fixes broken city and missing link after Constantin fun time


  • Fixed missing image in the café intro
  • Fixed doing yoga in the gym not advancing time
  • Fixed roaming around in the gym not advancing time
  • Added inhibition and corruption lock to flashing a stranger while roaming the gym
  • Gave meaning to the nursing education
  • Added a new scene to the nurse job, if you have enough nurse points gained from nursing education (≥15)
  • Increased the amount of points gained from nursing education from 1 to 3 points per session.
  • Added time increase to nursing education
  • Increased amount of Luna points you get for interacting with Luna on the nurse job
  • Added a scene with Luna if you have enough Luna points, corruption and a low inhibition level
  • Added an option to “call in sick” if your arousal is high enough.
  • Added a scene in accordance to calling in sick.
  • Changed Chloe’s dialog to a questionable demeanor in the storyline progression, where you ask her for archives.
  • If you are a returning player, coming from a very old version, quests will now start tallying from day 60. However, if you are returning from old versions, you’d get a better feel of the game if you restart instead.
  • Increased corruption requirement for alternative rent payment at Zack’s apartment
  • Increased corruption requirement for jerking off on the balcony
  • Increased corruption requirement for stripping down on the balcony
  • Removed unnecessary whitespace in shower scenes
  • Not being able to afford drinking coffee will no longer still revert time by one time block, instead it should now function as intended.
  • If you’re working at the office, and do not have a car, and have put all your money in the bank, you can now still get back to the city and work for new money by paying with your bank app! Before, this would have rendered your game softlocked.
  • Added necessary whitespace to trying to seduce the bouncer and failing.
  • Changed some dialog in the office promotion tier 3
  • Opened the gym up at night so you can now work out after finishing your shift at the office, instead of having to go back home before the night timeblock
  • Getting harrassed on the busride now has a red color for it’s flavortext, so you can easier distinguish the event.
  • The book on philosophy will now only decrease inhibition by 1 instead of 2
  • The erotic book will now only increase corruption by 1 instead of 2
  • Minimized the flavortext output of having a cat, so your screen isn’t bombarded with cat widgets.
  • Fixed wrongly terminated if statements
  • Added ability to restore the safehouse through the dev tools if it has been burnt down
  • If you’ve followed the Tyson questline, Constantin gets a new location, and a church opens up. Search it and find out more about the pastor.
  • If you’ve followed the Brody questline, a brothel opens up in the outskirts for you to help out with. Gain their trust and find out more about the politician.
  • Nerdy specs
    • 106.938 words! (Patron version)
    • 6.762 words added!
    • 867 passages (Patron version)
    • 39 passages added
    • Special thanks to Taulion for playtesting and helping with this update!

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