(non)human desires [v5] By Dianus

Dianus Games released a new game called (non)human desires and the version is 5. The game’s story is about Cute girl corrupts inhuman Hell. The end of the human exception.​

Developer: Dianus
File Size: 40.1 MB
Version: 5
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v5 Pet Update

  • + 2 CG (2 animated) – cowgirl position (with werewolf), doggystyle (with grott)
  • gallery (in “SCENES”)
  • pet – werewolf (your protector)
  • new creature – grott (AI: pack behavior)
  • new actions – sacrifice, call the creature
  • new interactions – cum eating, grave robbing
  • new usable items – handcuffs, flashbang, scroll of teleportation, scroll of portal, potion of persona
  • new object – amulet of life saving (auto-revive)
  • new upgrade – evasion
  • flameable objects, teleporter
  • fire spreading
  • keyboard controls: WASD – move, E – action menu, Q – skip, ESC – close art, action menu
  • throw changes
  • balance changes (sanity, hunger, AI, upgrades)

v2 Major Slime Update

  • +2 SLIMY LEWD SCENES (+6 arts, +3 animated)
  • permadeath (if sanity is 0%)
  • inventory, items
  • slime, fungus, cum, corpses
  • GUIDE, lewd scenes checklist
  • bed (keep Emmy’s sleep safe from monsters and morning mucus)
  • new world generation, location “Hopeless Ruins”, structures
  • auto-save locations, scroll of generation
  • new features of pit, portal, pond, door etc
  • better UI, message system
  • talk to anything
  • new ai behavior
  • new textures
  • more interactions

Initial Release

Game Images & Screenshots


# 2d game# 2dcg# Female protagonist# horror# monster# Oral Sex# rpg# sandbox

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