Preggo Jam [Alpha v0.26] By Luddite_Games

Luddite_Games Games released a new game called Preggo Jam and the version is Alpha 0.26. The game’s story is about Join Bubblegum on her journey, both as she platforms around the Jam-themed world she’s dropped into and as she progresses on her journey of motherhood.​

Developer: Luddite_Games
File Size: 74.0 MB
Version: Alpha 0.26
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Alpha v0.25
Initial Release

Developer Notes:

A game made for the 2024 Preggo Game Jam. Pregnancy is not a game-over cinematic, it’s baked into gameplay.
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  • A fully 3D classic collectathon platforming game
  • Animated NSFW scenes
  • A cast of characters for you to meet and talk with as you progress through the game
  • A persistent world with saves/loads
  • Varied zones to explore
  • Dynamic music tracks

Game Images & Screenshots


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