Princess & Conquest [v0.20.14] By Towerfag

Towerfag Games released a new game called Princess & Conquest and the version is 0.20.14. The game’s story is about Princess & Conquest is a hybrid RPG game where you, the Knight, will have to decide the fortunes of a Kingdom, plunged into chaos after a certain “incident”! The sudden disappearance of a powerful dragon is the spring for a series of events that have brought chaos to the Kingdom!

Developer: Towerfag
File Size: 1.21 GB
Version: 0.20.14
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


Heavily optimized P&C incoming!
One of the most jarring aspects of P&C *used to be* the Save/Load menu chugging slowly while being opened, closed, or navigated. That’s no more! Make sure you overwrite your old save files, and the issue will be solved!

And that’s not everything! You will find here new events, reworked HUD elements, a lot of fixes, new items, and more!
We’ve also finished working on the Plant Reign questline, the release will happen soon, and we’ve begun working on the next girl, Shadow Princess! All in all, 2024 is looking busy!

Additions and changes:

  • Save Menu navigating and saving times have been heavily optimized [after overwriting old saves]
  • The Progeny Daycare Menu now loads up immediately [after re-entering the Progeny Daycare Menu once]
  • Optimized scripts sorting Progeny Daycare for Name/Level/Race
  • Added option to sort Progeny Daycare by Stat
  • Reworked the Battle HUD
  • Added Beach Dates for Dragon Princess I and Dragon Princess II
  • Changed “Monster Killer Turbo” quest(s) rewards and description
  • New Armor added: Glasses Frame
  • New Armor added: Tricky Lenses
  • New Armor added: Rose-Tinted Lenses (craft it at Jardin’s!)
  • New Armor added: Spextacles (craft it at Jardin’s!)
  • New Cheat added: All Naked!
  • Added Merchant Princess Tanuki form and NSFW event
  • Added 4 costumes for Frog Princess (swimsuit, Spookfest, Chillbite, Bloomgaze) to be found around the Kingdom after you unlock her event
  • Added armor: “Prince Crown”, obtained upon reaching NG+ with Prince Knight
  • Added new sprite for Merchant Princess (Tanuki v.)
  • Added portraits for the Chi/m/p mechs around Clocktown
  • Added TASBOT battlesuit
  • Reworked forging HUD, it now shows reagent and forged item names too!
  • New BGM added to the jukebox! Overy Grown
  • Reworked Desert Reign siege boss
  • Added portraits for the Shadow Djinn
  • Edited some Dusk Princess portraits


  • Fixed buggy Mimic Princess animation #2 in Babs Gallery
  • Fixed crashes when exchanging gifts with Crystal Progeny
  • Fixed missing Battle Knight flying sprite
  • Fixed climate possibly changing after Beach scavenging hunt event
  • Fixed Princesses in Stone Knife brothel eventually duplicating by being sold in slave auctions
  • Fixed skipping Moth’s Forest not starting siege events correctly
  • Fixed repeated NPCs in Moth’s map
  • Fixed some crashes when conquers happen
  • Fixed Moth’s map not showing special effects during sieges
  • Increased Queen Roar efficacy
  • Fixed broken egg-laying when Fina and other DLC characters are involved
  • Fina will now correctly give offspring of her partner’s race
  • Fixed Campsite scenes possibly happening in sequence
  • Fixed Golem Princess Avatar skills not turning OFF correctly
  • Fixed Snitch Knight still asking for Queen Praline using the Queen’s Roar (on old Save files)
  • Fixed Snitch Knight not awarding Bird Stamps daily (on old Save files)
  • Fixed missing Scarecrow Princess sprite in Harvest’s Throne room
  • Fixed Knight getting invisible after being forced to leave the “boiling sea” during Moth’s Route
  • Fixed Level 10 Quest Menu bugging when refusing to take a quest
  • Fixed Chain Princess events bugging if you refuse her advances the first time around
  • Fixed possible bugs when the Knight depletes his flying juice while flying over water
  • Fixed Slime Princess’ Route not proceeding as intended if there’s a Slime Heir on the Princess’ throne
  • Fixed Undigested Bauble rewarding the random Dowry only when -refused- as a food item
  • Fixed many buggy conquer events
  • Fixed increased Swirlies gains also affecting Rattesein Bank withdrawals, leading to and endless Swirlies trick by depositing->withdrawing->depositing…
  • Adjusted some ambassador sprites and their animations
  • Fixed Skill-related States affecting the Party not being immediately checked once a party member gets removed
  • Fixed black screen if entering Oni Reign, for the first time, during a siege
  • Fixed Arrogant Skill giving decimal damage numbers
  • Fixed THICC Golem Progeny visual bugs
  • Fixed some Dragon Progeny visual bugs
  • Fixed crashes when talking to Crusader Princess in the Pyramid
  • Fixed some bugs happening when leaving the top floor of the Pyramid before defeating Crusader Princess
  • Fixed Slaver Knight not being able to use Whips
  • Fixed Plant Diary not being obtainable in the Chapel
  • Fixed Pruna not selling Fast Leaf when their Buds are in Plant Reign
  • Fixed conquered Plant Reign being reassigned to Plants upon entering the World Map
  • Fixed defeated Chopp monsters in Downroot when leaving the area as soon as they start running away
  • Fixed Bird Emissary not showing in Cat Princess’ Throne room
  • Fixed some missing Moth Progeny expressions
  • Fixed Calendar not showing correctly Moon Festival during Heatfall
  • Fixed Ghost Princess sprite bugs after recruiting/slaying her
  • Fixed Lamia Progeny spawns in Lamia Ruins
  • Fixed Robo form Mouse Princess’ portraits

Game Images & Screenshots



Pervert’s Dash Unlimited (Minigame)


Peach Bounce (Minigame)


Pervert’s Dash (Minigame)


Bab’s Potion Shop (Minigame)


Somniphobia (Minigame)


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