Project one [v5] By ConstiX

ConstiX Games released a new game called Project one and the version is 5. The game’s story is about Its a game i created for some types of people, if its to your liking then great I created this at for hard difficulty players offcourse reward is also good.​

Developer: ConstiX
File Size: 1.47 GB
Version: 5
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • i made game easy just as people wanted and also there were less words take a look now, about the story brother have patience, everything i do have meaning.
  • Update will end submision level 2 but it has many scenes in it.
  • 1.add more scenes and better start, more scenes
  • 2.worked on readibility
  • 3.worked on story now it won’t fill empty like last time yeah sorry about that.
  • 5.pleasing scenes and gameplay now it has became easy- yes sorry about last time html game will have little difficulty also i will keep it modrate in future.
  • 6.added scenes in submision level 1 and 2.
  • 7.better start yeah am talking about intro.
  • 8.i gave detailed discription in intro on how game works
  • 9. i also added and refined relation and character naming and please forgive me new scenes and some old one will not have refined to perfection because i could not maintain my sanity after getting 25+ boner within 5 hours.
  • 10. removed annoyong timed event even tho it took me so much to make them fak- there still one or two in game so use save often.
  • 11. there are multiple scenes added on each level also some that can be found here and there trying combination like sending him away-each submision level has diffrent scenes.
  • 12. more event and text,words, you can still die multiple ways….
  • 13. not everything can be done in small ammount of time so look forward to future update it will be more twisted be prepaired.
  • 14. rage meter is for future scene- twisted one also it has no scenes right now.

Developer Notes:

Warning- Only 18+ The things I can create are just games, and I’m doing this for money. ( Before you criticize me, I’m just being honest.) My goal is to become a game developer, and because I am the sole provider for my family, it’s challenging. If I reach my goal, I might become the best investment for you, because I am committed and I am a game developer. The Goal is $1500

Game Images & Screenshots


Extras: Online

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