PROJECT SX-ULTRA [S1 TF Quest] By Kitty and the Lord

Kitty and the Lord Games released a new game called PROJECT SX-ULTRA and the version is S1 TF Quest. The game’s story is about pulp action themed Interactive Erotica; an acid novel that portrays the pornographic mind of a young volunteer who lends themselves to a government mind control program. In their new life as an undercover agent, they must cheat, fight and fuck to survive at any cost and carry out the missions The Agency has for them.

Explore mind-bending worlds where your every wild desire can be indulged, but keep an eye out for cyber brain parasites, nefarious terrorists, rival agencies, and even your own colleagues, for not everything is as it seems in PROJECT SX-ULTRA

Developer: Kitty and the Lord
File Size: 649.1 MB
Version: S1 TF Quest
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • New character: Morgan (They/Them)
  • 2 New Pin-ups for Morgan
  • New interaction in the Gym:
  • Body Modifications”
  • Ask Morgan about their transition
  • Four new transformation events with +80 new gifs & images
  • New Option in the Palais Eros: Offer your own services
  • Optional: Buy X-25 pill to transform while offering your services
  • New very spicy Dares for Lucy
  • New chat option with Lucy: About the Complex
  • Erohypno” is now easier to access and depends on your Relationship XP with Lucy
  • Relevant information for characters added in the Archive
  • Relevant info added at the beginning about the world & MC’s motivations
  • Fixed Lucy’s Blackjack bug (Only showing 6 of the 17 available “Truth & Dare” options)
  • You can now dare Lucy to play Blackjack topless
  • All 21 Original Pin-up posters have been updated

Developer Notes:

Three years ago exactly, the demo for patrons of the alpha version of The Dædalus Project was released. Today, we present the first Beta: PROJECT SX-ULTRA is out to the public. Enter this fantastic world of hormones, dreams, and conspiracies… At your own risk!
Thanks to all the members of The Colony for making this Interactive Erotica a reality <3

Game Images & Screenshots


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