Reboot Love Part 2 [v2.7.0] By Reboot Love

Reboot Love Games released a new game called Reboot Love Part 2 and the version is 2.7.0. The game’s story is about After the events of Reboot Love 1 More Time, you will have to face new challenges, in a new game, with a new game style and improvements! Reboot Love Part 2 is Visual Novel/Sandbox/Dating Sim game with some plot twists. You have to put your life in order… School is over but summer is just beginning, you will meet A LOT of beautiful girls. You will have to build up your stats, and make the right choices to get the girls…

Each girl will have different likes, you will be able to dominate some of them, while others will try to dominate you, some will go into BDSM or humiliation, or forbidden things, while others will like vanilla or cosplay. Each girl is unique. You will have to raise your stats, get items, buy outfits, explore the world to get the girl. While at the same time, you will have to save to city again? Game is fully straight and NO GIRL will be MANDATORY.

Developer: Reboot Love
File Size: 2.32 GB
Version: 2.7.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Xenia – “Masseur time”.
  • Xenia – “Awakening”.
  • Susan – cosplaying: Tifa Kurumi Zero Two Ryuko Krul 2B Milim Nava .
  • Susan – “Awakening”.
  • Cienna (Bonus) – Sleep minigame with her. (this shouldn’t be until RBL3, but since it was done…)


  • Forcing Trianna’s head in compressed version no showing animation.
  • A few.


  • Added car event to the cabin replay.
  • Added HIDE button for android.
  • New Main Menu
  • A button to show all possible replays for each girl.



  • This is a really “small update” in game play length terms, but it took a lot of coding time, I’ll keep working for RBL2 to bring the next update soon with some actual game content. I’m updating to test the new minigame and shower events, since it may probably have a few bugs that I wasn’t able to find so far. GAMEPLAY
  • “Shower-room” to the harem (Girls will take shower from time to time, MC will be able to join them, or spy them, MC can also take a shower and girls may spy/join him)
  • “Sleeping time” to the harem (Mini-game to have some fun with the girls while they’re sleeping. Consented of course.)


  • Pregnancy baby swap between girls


  • Custom Brother’s Name
  • Girls Horny status update correctly
  • MC can skip time / sleep at the School



  • Trianna: (Problems in paradise + Servants + Sexfight + Awakening + HaremTalk/moving)
  • Trianna can now get pregnant (Cravings: 69 Variant – Titjob – Pool sex showoff)
  • Violet: (Troubled date + Awakening + HaremTalk/moving) – Violet can now get pregnant (Cravings: Cuddle – Titjob – Showoff)
  • Xenia: (Stalking Xenia + Showering Together)
  • Triplets: (The beach cabin)
  • Luna: (Karaoke challenge)
  • Easy fight mode for Violet Factory fight
  • New fight system for new combats added… Should be nicer. (2 fights added so far)

BUGS FIXED – Fixed some minor bugs in (Lily events, Eve replay) – Fighting Mikah before time fixed. – Some reboot bugs fixed. – Working on the pc money messages. (2.5.6) – Amelie broken when you try to talk to her about sex. (2.5.6) – Searching for Trianna/Violet preg bug (preg switching)

MISC – Beach will show the girls correctly. – Settings menu at the Girls tab where you will be able to customize everything (Preggo, Names, Status, Difficulty) – 75 sex animations added. – Worked the Sex options at the Harem. – Missionary is now missionary (new animation) – All five girls have different sex scenes for preg stage 2 and 3. – When you have 2 sex moments with a girl at the school, time will pass. – Choice to sleep with the girl at night. – Blue Pill Will be cheaper and stronger.

Developer Notes:

The game has a lot of different content, but that doesn’t mean you will be forced into that, you will be able to decide the outcome of the events, sometimes how to handle the sex scenes, and if you don’t like/want a type of content, you can avoid or skip it. You will be warned when your choices start to really affect the girl, and the branch’s idea. So if you encounter a girl that wants to dominate you, you will be advised first. Some times you may want some things from a girl and some other things no. In most cases you will be given the choice to skip that content but get continue the girl’s history.

Game Images & Screenshots

: – 2.3 GB
Mac (v2.6.7): – 2.1 GB
Android (v2.6.7 – Compressed): RebootLove2-2.6.7-android.apk – 1.1 GB

Android (v2.6.7 – Compressed): GDRIVE – MEGA – MIXDROP – PIXELDRAIN

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