Restore Her Career [v0.29] By Kalyha

Kalyha Games released a new game called Restore Her Career and the version is 0.29. The game’s story is about After the death of your father you decide to move back home with your mother whom you haven’t seen for years. Lightning strikes when at the worst possible time, she loses her modeling job and is left with many bills left to pay. It’s up to you to take over as your mother’s manager to once again put food on the table. Though it’s not the only thing that you have in store for her. You might even find a way to take advantage of the situation and make her yours. However, she isn’t the only one that can be corrupted as your Aunt and best friend’s mother join the fray.

Developer: Kalyha
File Size: 4.30 GB
Version: 0.29
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:



  • 701 new renders.
  • 144 old renders renewed.
  • 2 old scenes have been reviewed (dialogues and images).
  • Main story progression.
  • Rebecca and Linda story progression (just a little).
  • Emma story progression.


  • 54 new renders.
  • 102 old renders renewed.
  • 2 old scenes have been reviewed (dialogues and images).
  • Main story progression.
  • Fixed missing images.
  • Fixed gallery scene 8.
  • Changed variable so the hotel scene [Adrianna Tease + FF] is a little easier to unlock.
  • Removed the choice to take or not the roofies.
  • Renewed Linda’s house completely.

Developer Notes:

I am Kalyha, an adult game creator, author of the game Restore Her Career. I am currently working on this project in parallel with my job, but I’m working hard to deliver at least an update per month. I appreciate any support you can give me, including liking, comment, and sharing, and I feel so motivated to see some people enjoying my game so far. 🙂

Please understand that english is not my first language but I’m doing my best to make it readable, so there might be some grammar mistakes… I’m sorry about that. If you really enjoy my work, you can support me on Patreon. Feel free to let a comment. Thanks for passing by.

Game Images & Screenshots


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