Return to Roots [v0.8.5] By Hooldrafolk

Hooldrafolk Games released a new game called Return to Roots and the version is 0.8.5. The game’s story is about Return to Roots is a Renpy straight-forward visual novel about your return to your stepmother’s house after an unpleasant accident, can this sweet and naive woman help you grow in your career as a photographer? Find it out!

This game is about all of my favorite kinks out there: incest even if not blood-related, voyeurism aka upskirts and downblouses, kinky situations aka stucks, yoga, cosplaying, light mind manipulating, groping, naive and oblivious milfs and so on, but don’t expect to see here hardcore sex or penetration :\

Developer: Hooldrafolk
File Size: 631.0 MB
Version: 0.8.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added one big maxi scene with Monica, shower time! (~35 new images)
  • Added 5 new animations
  • Refined a lot of old pictures for consistency (hands, eyes, bracelets ect)
  • Changed some dialogues for more consistency due to the Monica’s mood about being… used.
  • Added two choices for people who don’t like some kinks (spitting, pissing etc.)
  • Changed the “thanks” credits image, now it’s mooore hot.

Developer Notes:

Keep in mind:

  • This is my first game ever, so please, be patient!
  • If you don’t support AI art I understand, but please go on, this is obviously not for you.
  • This game is in eaaaaaarly early access, because it’s just a test! I have done it and will continue to do it because my kinks are very light, albeit hard to find in recent erotic games. So behind it is my passion for certain dynamics and erotic situations, I’m basically developing the game of my dreams.
  • If you want to contribute you will do me a huge pleasure, but it is clear that as long as I remain in the development phase this game will always be free.
  • Thank you all.

Game Images & Screenshots


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